Gov. Scott Walker’s Super Tuesday Hand Tweet And The Republican Party

Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker – a former Republican presidential candidate – tweeted out a picture of his hand on Super Tuesday, reminding everyone of his failed campaign.

Do you ever wonder what the Republican presidential candidates (yeah, those ghosts of our news feeds – Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, and -of course- Scott Walker – to name a few) are doing right now? Left out of all the action and attention when only a few months ago they were in the big leagues, subtweeting Donald Trump, and being privileged enough to be attacked by him?

Jeb Bush is probably crying at home right now.

Here’s your answer. They’re tweeting their misery, pretending to be smothered by work, as the case of Scott Walker’s inelegant hand picture that is currently making its rounds on the internet shows.

Governor Walker tweeted out these two odd pictures of his hand, which were apparently supposed to show his followers how hard he was working.

The odd before-after series depicts the change of Governor Walker’s normal (if a bit weird) hand in the first picture to a skeletal one in the second. He seemed to be saying that he was working so hard, that he felt like his hand simply withered away.

Elsewhere, the rest of America was gearing up for the results of Super Tuesday’s primaries in 11 states including Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. Walker himself would have been campaigning today, had he not dropped his presidential bid in early September last year. If that isnt see through, I don’t now what is.

The oddity of the situation was not lost on the internet, as twitter users responded to the tweet with pictures of their own hands in hilarious parodies.

That’s a resonable response. Then came:

That’s reasonable too. Why do we need an internet, if Scott Walker’s thumb is all that it champions?
But then came:

Then things got weird:

Then, like all internet trends, things took a turn for the bizarre.

All because, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin decided to drop out of the Republican race, and then wanted to appear nonchalant about it on Super Tuesday.

“This,” as The Daily Dot suggests, “might be Governor Walker’s most important—and worst—contribution to [the] Republican race.”

Coming at the heels of Marco Rubio’s recent attack on Donald Trump for having “small hands,” and Trump’s response incredulous response: People say “I have the most beautiful hands,” it is unsurprising that Scott Walker’s hand picture has caught on.

Walker’s picture, with its myriad responses, is just a reflection of the Republican race. Odd before-after hand pictures are only natural in a political world where republican candidates mock each other’s hand (and other organ) sizes.

Nowadays, political rallies are rather more like hot rounds of “yo’ mama” than intelligible reasons each candidate has for running for president.

Like Marco Rubio’s recent taunts of “He doesn’t sweat cause his pores are clogged from the spray tan that he uses.” and “Donald is not going to make America great. He’s going to make America orange.”

And Donald Trump’s legendary insults like the following.

“[Of Marco Rubio, fellow Republican presidential candidate] I have never seen a human being sweat like this man sweats. … It looked like he had just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothes on.”

“[To Ted Cruz, another Republican candidate] You’re the basket case”

What Scott Walker’s odd hand picture reveals in all its awkward glory is not just the Republican election’s affinity to hands, but also its decline into a farce.

[Photo by Theo Stroomer/Getty Images]