The Weeknd Songs: ‘Party And The After Party’ After The Oscars? Ineligible Song But Millions Of New Fans?

After the Weeknd’s stunning Oscars performance, several nominees attended various after party events. But, what about Weeknd’s “Party and the After Party”? Also, there seems to be an influx of new fans who are going wild over his sound.

If you missed Weeknd’s Oscars performance of “Earned It,” you can watch a video snippet of the song below. Yet, although he had a thrilling night, he didn’t take home the award for Best Original Song.

Just Jared reported that Oscar nominees were sporting their finest apparel and their companions. However, across the report, the Weeknd wasn’t in the mix. There haven’t been any reports of Weeknd spottings so far. But, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t at an after party of his own.

Speaking of new fans and after party extravaganzas, one has to wonder if these new fans know about the Weeknd’s earlier works, like “The Party and the After Party”?

[Disclaimer: This video contains explicit content. Viewer discretion is advised.]

It was released on his 2011 House of Balloons album. Via social media outlets, commentators are saying that another of his many songs should’ve been chosen for Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Oscar nomination, rather than “Earned It.” Although this song is great, others feel that another selection might have sealed the Oscar win for Weeknd — such as “The Party and the After Party.”

The issue with “The Party and the After Party” is that it possibly wouldn’t have qualified for Best Original Song. Although this Weeknd song would’ve matched the sexual nature of Fifty Shades of Grey, it doesn’t match the Oscar category.

While fans vote it as one of his more affluent songs, the majority of its composition was sampled from a 2006 song called “Master of None,” from the artist Beach House. If you listened to the Weeknd’s song, you can clearly hear the sampled vocals, as well.

Yet, the candidacy comes from die hard Weeknd fans, even from the infancy of his career. Unless his new fans have done their due diligence, they wouldn’t know that his earlier songs are just as great as his new ones.

One YouTube commentator, Jocky Rohnson, mentioned a perspective with which most strong Weeknd fans agree. His video comment, alone, “earned” him nearly 900 responses.

“I remember trying to get my friends onto the Weeknd back in early ’12. It was too weird for them. Now they be like… I’ve been a fan since ‘Earned It’ smh.”

Some say that the newbies are so fresh to “the Weeknd,” they don’t know or realize his real name — Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. As paparazzi were taking photos of Weeknd at the 2016 Oscars, that’s exactly how they referred to him — “Weeknd!” When Ben Affleck appears on the red carpet next year, will they get his attention by yelling, “Batman!”?

A New York Times feature highlighted this similar confusion. It mentioned an alleged talent scout who recognized Weeknd‘s face in a parking lot, after a performance with Ariana Grande. Stopping briefly for an embrace with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Weeknd was approached by the talent scout, thereafter, who attempted to ask for an interview.

The thing is this: he didn’t know Weeknd’s name — any of them, professional or personal. The source quotes as follows.

“When he reached the parking lot, a yappy talent wrangler for an entertainment-­news show sensed an opportunity and asked for an interview. Tesfaye [Weeknd] gave him an amused half-smile and kept walking. ‘Hey!’ the guy shouted in desperation, fumbling for a name before landing on the wrong one: ‘A$AP Rocky!’ Tesfaye turned his head and said, ‘C’mon, man’, arching an eyebrow, then picked up the pace.”

Embarrassing, no? Nevertheless, Weeknd’s “The Party and the After Party” — although a fan-favorite song — possibly wouldn’t have made the cut for that particular Oscar category. However, since he’s gained millions of new fans, maybe more of his songs will be in store for future, Oscar-nominated movies.

What’s your stance on Weeknd’s performance and past song selections, such as his “party” classic? Will the hype die down or continue to rise? Feel free to share your Weeknd thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment]