Prince George Keeps Parents Busy: ‘Please Tell Me It Gets Easier,’ Says Prince William

The Royal Family never fails to offer the media news and insight into their fascinating (and touching) lives. Most recently, Prince William commented on the active and energetic nature of both of his children, particularly Prince George.

George was followed by a sister this past summer. Princess Charlotte came into the world sweet, dark-haired and deeply loved. But if she turns out to be as mischievous as her brother, Prince William and Kate will have their hands full.

Before Christmas, Prince George was growing excited and energetic as the holiday drew nearer.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on the brink of celebrating their first Christmas as a family of four, and it seems that they are anticipating an energetic holiday,” The Inquisitr reported. “In a new interview, Prince William says that Prince George is like a rabbit bouncing around the house as Christmas approaches.”

Now, at 2-years-old, Prince George is keeping his father and mother busier than ever. Recently, Prince William talked about his young children at a rugby game in Wales.

“No broken bones yet, but they’re trying. Running around, pushing things, jumping. Please tell me it gets easier.”

However, it does not sound like Prince William has been given much encouragement by friends.

“All the fathers say to me, ‘Just you wait, when they get to nine or eleven they get crazy.'”

Even though kids can make their parents’ lives insanely busy, Prince William obviously loves being a father and looks forward to all of the experiences to come.

“I’m looking forward to it. There will be some drama.”

“Charlotte is sweet and easy,” Will clarified about his young daughter. But Prince William is bracing for the future mischief that Charlotte is bound to make as she grows older.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear to be excellent parents based on the various reports, pictures and videos the public gets to see. They seem to know how to balance parenting and fun, knowing when to guide and when to just enjoy the entertaining things that their kids do.

Although the Royal Family is in the news pretty consistently, the media is not often allowed a glimpse into their private lives.

The personal press for Kensington Palace has made a habit of releasing photos and updates (many times via Twitter), probably in an effort to satisfy public demand while at the same time warding off outside press and paparazzi.

The Duke and Duchess released a Christmas family photo near the end of 2015. On of the cutest aspects of the photo (but probably something that not everyone will notice) is the fact that Charlotte is only wearing one shoe, while its pair lies on the ground. Again, Will and Kate do not seem concerned, showing once again their loving, patient natures.

In November, the Kensington Palace shared new photos of Princess Charlotte via Twitter. In them, we see a bright eyed, smiling little girl, who shows promise for being just as bouncy and fun-loving as her big brother George.

[Image by Matt Dunham – WPA Pool/Getty Images]