Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce Looming: Paternity Suits and Public Scorn Lead To Screaming Match

Renowned diva Beyonce is facing trouble on all fronts. The fallout from her Super Bowl halftime performance dominates the news. But Beyonce might have bigger problems ahead of her than protesting police officers.

InTouch magazine reports that Beyonce’s troubled relationship with Jay Z is on the rocks again. Sources claim that the couple got into a screaming match at their Bel Air estate. Reportedly, Beyonce told Jay Z that she “just could not deal with it anymore.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the A-list couple is just coming off of a rough patch. The 2015 spat was so bad that sources claim Beyonce and Jay Z moved into separate bedrooms. Beyonce and Jay Z managed to work through their issues. But just in case, the couple had their legal team draft an ironclad post-nuptial agreement. The agreement details the assets they’ve acquired since their 2008 wedding and details who gets what.

Beyonce's marriage is again on shaky ground.
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Beyonce’s marriage seemed to be back on track on the eve of her Superbowl performance. She and her rapper-mogul husband were all smiles at a February 6 Golden State Warriors game. How could things have gone off the rails so fast?

According to Radar Online, Jay Z’s most recent legal battle hit too close to home for the 35-year-old pop diva. Rymir Satterthwaite took Jay Z to court to force the 46-year-old rapper to take a paternity test. Satterthwaite claims that Jay Z fathered him in the early 90’s during a short lived relationship with Satterthwaite’s mother. The alleged relationship broke up around the time of Satterthwaite’s birth. Now Satterthwaite and his lawyer claim that Jay Z’s legal team withheld documents in a pattern of corruption and fraud. Satterthwaite has even turned to social media to generate support for his cause.

Keep pushing for truth too because nothing can hide it, it always finds its way to the light.

Posted by Rymir-is Here Rymir Satterthwaite on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, has yet to publicly address the paternity suit. In fact, few media outlets have reported on it at all. Could the paternity suit have been enough to push Beyonce over the edge and her marriage into choppy waters?

Maybe. Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage has been plagued with rumors that he cheated on his wife. The rumors exploded after an elevator brawl between Jay Z and Solange Knowles. On May 5, 2014, during the Met Gala, Beyonce’s younger sister attacked Jay Z. Allegedly, Solange caught Jay Z flirting with another woman.

Beyonce drew ire with her haltime performance
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Beyonce’s professional life is suffering as well. While her reign as Queen Bey seemed bulletproof, Beyonce has been under fire thanks to her controversial Super Bowl performance. Police unions condemned the Black Panther Party inspired performance. Several refused to provide security for Beyonce’s upcoming tour. Things became more complicated when Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakahn offered the services of his members.

Now, according to Christian news website WND, people are demanding at Beyonce condemn both the Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matter.

“If Beyoncé had any decency, she would tell Farrakhan that she doesn’t need his protection and apologize for her anti-police, anti-white performance and video. Instead of attacking police that protect her during her tours and concerts, she should be protesting hate groups like NOI and Black Lives Matter.”

With the combined strain of her husband’s mounting legal issues and her once adoring public turning against her, it’s no surprise that Beyonce is on edge. Unfortunately, Jay Z seems to be taking most of the fallout.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage has survived high-stress situations before. But the latest round may prove too much for even their relationship.

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