Virginia McLaurin, 106, Meets Obama After A Lifetime Waiting For A Black President [Video]

Virginia McLaurin is the internet’s new favorite person. The 106-year-old has spent two years campaigning to meet President Obama — and a lifetime waiting to see America’s first black president.

McLaurin visited the White House on Sunday, and a video of the meet-and-greet between her, Obama, and First Lady Michelle has gone viral since it was posted by the White House Sunday night, CNN reported.

According to NBC News, the video was seen by 11 million people in the first six hours it was on Facebook.

McLaurin visited the White House as part of Black History Month. The video begins with her already getting ready to meet the president. Obama is walking across the room as his visitor’s name is announced by an unseen person.

As soon as Virginia sees him, she screeches suddenly in absolute joy, raising both arms — one holding a cane — into the air before she holds his hands and declares what an honor it is to meet him. Obama is thankful, of course, and McLaurin proceeds to dance for joy, her unbridled happiness at meeting him just barely contained.

And the Obamas seem just as happy to meet McLaurin as she is to meet them.

The president embraces Virginia, so tiny she barely reaches his mid-chest, with warmth as he asks her if she wants to meet Michelle. She hollers “YES!” and runs across the room with more agility than expected of someone her age.

Obama even seems startled by her speed and excitement, telling Virginia, “Slow down now. Don’t go too quick.”

The first lady acts enraptured by Virginia in awed disbelief, as the commander in chief informs her that she is 106. She takes the woman’s hand, admires her nails, and declares, “I wanna be like you when I grow up.”

“You can,” McClaurin responds.

The trio hold hands and dance together before taking some pictures. McLaurin takes a moment to tell the president and first lady just how special the moment is for her, People added.

“I thought I would never live to get in the White House, and I tell you I am so happy. A black president and a black wife. And I’m here to celebrate black history.”

Not too much is known about Virginia McLaurin. According to a Facebook page about her, she was born in 1909 and in 1941 moved to Washington D.C. Virginia has lived in the city ever since. Over the decades, the centenarian has witnessed the election of 18 presidents.

In December 2014, McClaurin filmed a YouTube video in which she stated her case for meeting the president. The video didn’t get many views but was posted on a White House petition and Facebook page.

In the video, Virginia McLaurin makes it clear that the election of President Obama was a long time coming for many people.

“I didn’t think I’d ever live to see a colored president. I am so happy. I pray for you every day of my life.”

And now, at 106, Virginia has had her wish fulfilled. McLaurin told the Obamas that they’d made her day, and the first lady said the feeling was mutual.

Meanwhile, one of Obama’s youngest supporters was filmed by her grandmother, Caprina Harris, crying about how the country will soon nominate a new president because Obama’s second term is almost over.

“Barack Obama is fixing to go,” the little girl cries, to which Harris responds by explaining why he has to leave.

“I’m not ready for a new one,” her granddaughter says.

[Photo via YouTube]