Kyle Richards Stands With Lisa Rinna: Why She Thinks Peace With Yolanda Is False

Kyle Richards has been absent on the Bravo site, as she has been filming Celebrity Apprentice in New York. Kyle has been filming alongside Porsha Williams and several other celebrities. It is very convenient, as she has been able to distance herself from the lyme disease and Munchausen drama that is currently playing out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And as it turns out, Richards doesn’t understand Yolanda Foster’s reaction during Erika Girardi’s BBQ. According to a new Bravo report, Kyle Richards is now revealing that she agrees that children are off-limits — but reminds fans that Foster herself brought them up.

“Unless a parent brings up their children themselves, children are ALWAYS off limits. Yolanda had told Erika and me ON camera that Bella and Anwar have Lyme disease. Obviously it is not a secret if you tell people on camera. I asked the question to Lisa (knowing she is friends with Mohamed) what was going on with Bella and Anwar. That was not asked in a malicious way. At all. And certainly was not an outrageous question. The reply I got prompted me to ask more because it was confusing,” Kyle Richards reveals in her blog for Bravo.

Plus, Yolanda did reveal that her children have lyme disease during a gala in New York that was held last year. It was the first time that the public heard that Anwar and Bella Hadid both had lyme disease. Gigi Hadid does not have lyme disease. But Kyle Richards may have known about this prior to Foster making it public.

“Yolanda has since said ‘kids are off limits,’ but she is the one who brought her kids up in the first place. If Yolanda had told me privately, and asked me not to mention it, I NEVER would have,” Richards adds in her blog.

It sounds like Kyle completely agrees with Foster that children are completely off limits. She doesn’t like it when the other housewives talk about her children. However, Kyle and the other wives are confused as to why Foster brought up the kids — and then the housewives can’t ask about how they are doing. As soon as they do, they are accused of talking badly about Foster’s children.

“That’s when it started. Yolanda clearly is still upset with Rinna and rightfully so. However, I do have to agree with Rinna. By Yolanda saying she ‘could’ say she is bipolar but ‘wouldn’t do that’ IS already putting that out there. It’s exactly like Lisa Rinna saying she didn’t say Yolanda has Munchausens but ‘engaged’ in a conversation about it … Well, here we are six months later hearing and talking about it,” Kyle Richards points out, hinting that things haven’t really settled at all, adding, “They screamed it out and then hugged it out. The perplexed looks on Lisa V’s and my face said it all. This ‘we’ve moved on and it’s all good’ felt false and abrupt. I had a feeling this situation wasn’t exactly over.”

Of course, Foster feels completely betrayed by Lisa Rinna, who revealed that she had entertained a conversation with someone, who thought she was faking her lyme disease. She was hurt and angry, as she thought that she was being accused of making her children sick. Many people are questioning what is truly wrong with Foster, as they don’t think that it is just lyme disease. It may have started as lyme, but she is looking very frail and sick these days. According to Daily Mail, the two ladies engaged in a Twitter feud after the drama happened on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards managed to stay out of this drama, but Richards did know that some people were questioning her illness.

What do you think of Kyle Richards’ guess that the drama is far from over? Do you think Foster’s forgiveness and hug was false and will only result in more drama?

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