Michelle Wilkins, The Woman Whose Baby Was Cut Out Of Her, Relives The Horror In A Courtroom

Michelle Wilkins, the woman whose baby was cut out of her in a brutal attack, relived the horror this week during courtroom proceedings in Colorado.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Colorado woman feigned a pregnancy before allegedly slicing into the belly of a pregnant woman to remove a fetus that later died.

During court proceedings Friday, Dynel Lane, 35, was heard in a 50-minute recording of her conversation with police what she did to Wilkins on that fateful day in March, 2015.

“I got a knife, and I cut the baby out.”

Lane did not take the stand in the Boulder County, Colorado, courtroom where she is charged with the attempted murder of Wilkins, 27, as well as felony assault and unlawful termination of a pregnancy, which carries a penalty of up to 37 years in prison.

The attack allegedly took place last March 18 at Lane’s home, where Wilkins reportedly showed up to inquire about a Craigslist ad offering free maternity clothes, according to the Longmont Times Call.

Prosecutors claims Lane faked a pregnancy for a year, and when faced with skepticism from a partner who threatened to leave her, she concocted a plan to get a baby.

In the recording, Lane told police she and Wilkins spoke for nearly an hour before she claims Wilkins attempted to stab her, according to the Denver Post.

“She had a knife, the one I think I opened the box (with). I think that’s how I cut my hand. I felt completely, she just, I don’t even know.”

Lane claims she asked why Wilkins wanted to hurt her.

“She just kept looking at me and staring at me. Everything just seemed mixed up.”

Lane said a struggle ensued, culminating in Lane’s attempt to choke Wilkins to stop the attack, according to KDVR.

“She just wouldn’t stop. I’m trying to make sense of it all. After she stopped moving, I got scared.”

Wilkins said in prior testimony that Lane hit her over the head with a bottle as she tried to escape, stabbed her with broken glass and finally choked her. It was then that Wilkins says she finally blacked out.

Lane claims that she became fearful for the baby’s safety after choking Wilkins.

“What do you do in a situation like that? I reacted. I can’t even say it. When she stopped moving, I just started thinking I didn’t want the baby to die. I got a knife, and I cut the baby out.”

According to a doctor’s testimony, Wilkins lost more than half her blood in the brutal attack.

Lane told police in the recording that she carried the fetus upstairs from the basement just as her partner came home and told him the baby was his. After going to the hospital and after police were summoned, she confessed that she’d never been pregnant.

“It’s her baby. It’s not mine.”

Jennifer Beck, Lane’s defense lawyer, said during opening statements that Lane’s actions, while “hasty, impulsive and reckless,” were not intentional.

“But it was not the result of deliberation. She did not plan, process or prepare on how to take (Wilkins’) baby and pass it off as her own.”

Closing arguments in the case are set for Monday before the case before the jury deliberates.

[Image via Twitter/9 News Denver]