‘Supernatural’ Fans Call For ‘Wayward Daughters’ Spin Off

Supernatural is in its 11th season, and there has still only been one attempt at a spin off. Bloodlines failed with fans, but there is one idea that fans are crying out for: Wayward Daughters.

There were numerous problems with the Supernatural spin off attempt in Season 9, mainly that there were no known characters. Most successful spin offs have included at least one character from the parent show. The Originals has the Mikaelson family originally introduced into The Vampire Diaries Season 2 and Angel’s titular character was a regular part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning, not to mention a second main character from the start. Without someone the Supernatural fandom could connect to, the storyline was bound to fail.

Wayward Daughters would have at least one character fans could connect with. The main idea is that Sheriffs Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum work together, taking in girls who have some connection to the supernatural world. For those who cannot connect to those two, there is always the chance of Alex and Claire being added; two girls already under Jody’s care.

Hit Fix reports that this could be the perfect idea for a successful Supernatural spin off. “Hibbing 911” was an episode that pulled together the idea of the two sheriffs working together. They bounced off each other perfectly and brought in the idea of strong, female characters. It also helped that they were both easy to relate to and well-liked by the majority.

The idea of the spin off came after the airing of Angel Heart in Season 10. At the end, a now orphaned Claire Novak was sent to live with Jody, with Dean advising her to make sure she did her research if she did decide to hunt. Season 11 brought her—and Alex and Jody—back, as she focused on hunting rather than making friends. It suggested that a spin off with these three and Donna would have a good mixture of an all-female main cast and supernatural elements that connected to the Winchesters.

With a Supernatural spin off featuring these four women, it would mean that they would not face the same fate as many of the other strong female characters on the show. Ellen, Jo, and Charlie have all been killed off in various ways. While Ellen and Jo sacrificed themselves to help the Winchesters in Season 5, Charlie caused many Supernatural fans to walk away. For some, she was needlessly killed off.

She Knows shares the things that this Supernatural spin off idea could bring. One of those is that the whole show would fight gender stereotypes. None of the four women that fans want to see included are typical girls. They love guns, love to fight and are extremely protective of the people around them. They are definitely not afraid to get their hands dirty, and have gotten involved with the killing of supernatural beings plenty of times.

There are also characters for everyone, opening up the demographic for the Wayward Daughters. Claire and Alex are likely to appeal to younger viewers, while Jody and Donna would appeal to older ones. It is something lacking in the parent show, especially since the death of Bobby Singer.

Thirdly, the characters are inspiring for women and girls of all ages. Even the younger characters would be ones that parents would not mind their daughters wanting to be like—minus the killing of magical and mystical beings. The characters make a point that there is no need to conform to society’s expectations. Women can do whatever they want.

The current campaign is underway to bring about Wayward Daughters as a Supernatural spin off. After all, it is time something came from this decade-long running show.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]