Khloe Kardashian Denies Surgery Rumors, Says Organic Food And Water Are Why She Looks So Good [Video]

Has Khloe Kardashian had plastic surgery? Although Khloe completely denies having any surgery on her personal website, in the latest clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim is in complete disbelief that her sister has had nothing done to her body.

In the clip, Kim accuses Khloe of lying, claiming that her younger sister’s “whole face has changed,” and that Khloe is fibbing about not using botox. Asking her sister again if she used “any filler,” Kim just does not believe it, telling Khloe that “your whole face changes when you laugh. It’s like, I stare at you.”

Khloe, adamant that she’s never had surgery, tells Kim inexplicably that she is “forcing a fake laugh,” which is the real reason her face looks different.

A source close to the Kardashian family reveals a different story, however. According to the insider, “[t]he entire family has had plastic surgery and use fillers and botox.” Because the Kardashian sisters stick together, they “all use the same people and talk to each other about it.”

The scene from the latest KUWTK clip might have been staged, since, according to the Kardashian insider, “Kim is well aware” that Khloe has had surgery, and the clip is “all about the storyline of the moment.”

In fact, Khloe and her sisters have surgery so much that it’s “like how people get tattoos, their vice is plastic surgery.”

On her website, Khloe explains that she’s never had surgery, because “I have an amazing makeup team,” Kardashian confesses. Khloe said she especially loves that their “contour game is so on point” that the reality star feels “like I get a nose job every single day.”

But Khloe Kardashian is not bashing anyone who does use fillers, writing to her fans that she will “get fillers eventually — that’s the procedure I want to do when it’s time.” That won’t happen for a while yet, since Khloe does not “have wrinkles right at this moment.”

Khloe does like to have laser treatment therapy, writing that she is addicted to “great laser treatment.” The star admitted to having “[l]asers for skin unevenness, skin tightening, stretch marks, scars, acne.” Eventually, she might turn to surgery because “[n]owadays, it’s so easy and you don’t have to go under,” and there are “so many noninvasive things available to us.”

But the big reason Khloe Kardashian looks so good is because she is “religious about taking care of my body from the inside out,” reminding Kardashian fans that “[w]hat you put into your body — vitamins and food…shows on the outside.”

Khloe apparently gets health tips from Kourtney, who is “such a health freak” that just tries to live her life “to such a high standard,” People reports. According to Khloe, having kids turned her sister into a health nut, and she has “totally turned her diet around after having kids and I can respect that!”

Khloe Kardashian revealed that she has started drinking “way more water” because of Kourtney’s influence, since her sister does not allow soda in her house. Kardashian revealed, however, that “when I am craving a soda, I have to hide it from [Kourtney], even in my own house,” since her sister is such a health nut. Khloe also believes eating only organic food has improved her sister’s health, although that’s something Khloe herself struggles with.

Khloe confessed that although she thinks “it’s important to eat organic…there are definitely times when I run to my local big-box store for groceries.” But the Strong Looks Better Naked author attributes her healthy appearance simply with natural living.

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[Photo by: Jamie McCarthy/NBC/Getty Images]