Big Ang To Talk About Cancer Diagnosis, ‘Mob Wives’ Star To Appear On The ‘Dr. Oz Show’

Big Ang is facing an uphill battle. Just recently, the Mob Wives star was diagnosed with stage four brain and lung cancer. Big Ang just battled throat cancer last year, but was put into remission after treatment and a successful surgery. In fact, a recent episode of Mob Wives showed Ang and the ladies celebrating her birthday and cancer-free status. The news of her battle was shocking to fans, many of them devastated that Big Ang was dealt such a huge blow. As of now, traditional treatment is not helping Big Ang. Her family has decided to try other methods, but it doesn’t seem hopeful.

There is a lot to consider with Big Ang. She has been a smoker for 40 years, mostly heavily smoking. On top of that, the stress of the life she has lived took a toll on her body. Last week, Big Ang found out about a nodule on her lung during Mob Wives. While most fans had already known by this time, it was still a shock to learn Big Ang had known about it that long and kept quiet. According to People, Big Ang and her family will be appearing on the Dr. Oz Show to talk about the cancer diagnosis. The episode airs tomorrow, and it being dubbed a “must watch” for fans. The discussion will take a real turn when discussing how it is affecting her life personally, and how her family is coping.

News of Big Ang’s fight came just a few weeks ago. Her sister decided to put up a GoFundMe account and detail the fight the Mob Wives star was facing. At that point, not many people openly knew about the brain and lung cancer diagnosis. Immediately, donations started pouring in, and the initial goal was reached within just a few days. Big Ang is going to be trying cannabis oils and other treatments that are experimental. Traditional things like chemo and radiation are failing Big Ang, and she is waiting to battle this cancer head on.

While this has been hard for Big Ang and her family, she is still moving forward. She did end up in the hospital a while back for labored breathing, which is when her sister set up the fundraiser. According to VH1, Big Ang is thanking her fans for their support and love during this difficult time. She did spend some time on social media last Wednesday while Mob Wives was airing. There were some tweets about her situation, and plenty of gratitude. Not only are fans supporting her, but her Mob Wives co-stars are stepping up despite their beef with one another. Big Ang has a way of bringing people together, even in the worst times.

The next several weeks are going to be an uphill battle for Big Ang. Hearing anyone has stage four cancer is devastating, but brain and lung cancer combined is a double whammy. Mob Wives is going off the air now, and it is just in time to give Big Ang the rest from the spotlight she needs. All of this comes as a shock for Ang and her family. After being cleared of throat cancer just months before, the new diagnosis was surprising. Now Big Ang is speaking out about her diagnosis and the impact it has had on her life and the lives of her family. The next few months are going to be difficult for Ang, but she knows she can beat this beast. With her Mob Wives co-stars pulling for her and her family behind her all the way, Big Ang is determined to fight and beat the cancer this time just like she did with the throat cancer last year.

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