Rihanna Records Custom Happy Birthday Song For Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfiend [Video]

Singer Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend got a nice surprise yesterday in the form of a personalized birthday song courtesy of Rihanna, one of the woman’s favorite singers, and a friend to Tomlinson.

For Eleanor Calder’s 20th birthday, her boyfriend, One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson, pulled out all of the stops. In an effort to make her day extra special, he reached out to one of Calder’s favorite singers, Rihanna, to record a special birthday message for her, reports the Huffington Post. In the touching clip, Rihanna sings a personal “Happy Birthday” message to Calder.

That was only the beginning of the celebrations. Tomlinson also presented Calder with a birthday cake featuring a 3D version of Cinderella’s castle (a nod to the duo’s recent pilgrimage to Disneyland), reading “Happy Birthday Eleanor. Lots of love, Louis.” He also presented her with a morning cup of tea from Calder’s very favorite tea makers, Taylors of Harrogate. The tea blend was specially made for her, named “Eleanor’s Tea,” in honor of her big day, reports J-14.

Tomlinson and Calder also took to Twitter to document her 20th. Tomlinson wished his girl a very special “happy birthday” from his, while Calder thanked well-wishers individually throughout the day.

I have such a wonderful 20th birthday! I’m so lucky :) Thankyou for all the lovely birthday messages! Xxx

— Eleanor Calder (@EleanorJCalder) July 16, 2012

Here’s Rihanna’s custom-rendition of “Happy Birthday” for Eleanor Calder. What do you think? Is Louis Tomlinson the best boyfriend ever or was the whole thing just a bit too corny for your tastes? Sound off below!