Friendfeed adds some themes to the mix

I just got an email from the folks at Friendfeed letting me know that users can now select one of the six available themes to change the background and colors of their pages.Besides the classic look you can select from

  • Fresh
  • Bamboo
  • Flowers
  • Butterfly Corner
  • Helvetica
  • Blue Wave.

To change to one of the new themes just select the Settings link under your Profile name to display the default Settings dialog (above picture). Once there you’ll see the new Themes link that when selected will load up the new Themes page with the list of currently available themes.


Changing your theme is a simple as clicking on the one you want – in my case I tried out the Blue Wave theme.


While this might not be an earth shattering addition to Friendfeed I am sure it will be a big hit and spawn many discussions this evening on the service as the news of the new option makes the rounds.