Kim Kardashian’s Toe. . . Is Still Injured

After Kim Kardashian hurt her toe on a coffee table in her New York hotel room, we’ve been reminded of how painful it is. And even though whining is so boring, I believe that Kim’s in pain: eight hours of dancing certainly won’t help, especially not when you live in heels. Kim gave us the full update through an interview with OK!:

“I’m wearing a heel right now and it felt okay as I was walking up. It’s sorta like I wanna hold it really tight in there. So that’s what I’m doing right now. But I’m gonna go home, take it off, and not finish my night because it hurts too bad.”

Did I also mention that she’s currently filming Disaster Movie Carmen Electra and Vanessa Minnillo right now? Nope, there’s no time to rest– and that’s bad news for queasy people like me who want to barf every time the toe injury is brought up, especially since it was one that made a room look like someone was murdered in it.

I had to take breaks writing this to stop the dizziness.

Image: WireImage

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