Lamar Odom Hikes With Khloe And Kim Kardashian: Kim Posts Instagram Photo As Sisters Live-Stream Video The Hike Via App

Lamar Odom is on the road to recovery. Or more specifically, Lamar was on a hike with Kim Kardashian-West and Khloe Kardashian, getting what Kim dubbed on Instagram was their “Super Soul Sunday” time prior to the Super Bowl 50 airing on Sunday, February 7. The mere sight of the photo, showing only a small portion of Lamar’s body, was definitely a good sight indeed for those who know how close to death’s door Odom came after being found at the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada, last year.

Odom was found unconscious and his wife Khloe rushed to his side, to see Lamar through a series of health setbacks that have seemingly been progressing in a more positive direction now that Odom is well enough to hike. The photo of Lamar on the Instagram account of Kim Kardashian shows a gorgeous path for their Sunday hike for the trio.

Super Soul Sunday time before Super Bowl Sunday time with Khloe & Lamar

As reported by TMZ, Lamar got through his first hike as Khloe and Kim took to their app to livestream the event, which marks a big leap forward in Odom’s recovery process. Since Khloe had already relocated Lamar close to Khloe and Kim’s homes in Calabasas, it probably wasn’t a huge journey to travel in order to get Odom on the hike. With Lamar living close by Khloe, expect more healing hikes like these in the future.

The photos from the official app of Kim Kardashian-West show Lamar’s legs and feet and black shoes and black socks — and Odom’s shadow. They don’t show Lamar’s face. TMZ reports that it was Lamar’s first time being outdoors in that manner for exercise, and that Lamar was able to complete the entire hike without any problems.

For her part, Khloe was downright philosophical on the Khloe Kardashian Instagram account, which turned to Scripture to explain overcoming obstacles. The famous “Walk by faith, not by sight,” Bible verse was used by Khloe in a very appropriate way on Super Bowl Sunday, likely in reference to Lamar being able to walk when Odom could’ve died from a drug overdose.

Everything happens for a reason… Right?! I’m a firm believer of this saying. We may not understand why we have to walk a certain path or why when it rains, it pours but trust that God has a plan. “Walk by faith, not by sight.”

We must lose in order to gain. Lessons are best taught through our darkest hour. Through crying and defeat. Through sorrow and loss. All of my pain or sadness has only built my strength, soul, character and wisdom. One day, all of our trails and tribulations will add up and make perfect sense. Until that day comes, learn to laugh at confusion and dance in the rain. “The pain that you have been feeling, can’t compare to the joy that’s coming” Romans 8:18

Khloe also directed her Instagram followers to their live stream app’s “Sister Sunday” link in her Instagram bio.

Don’t miss another live stream loves!! You can only watch on our apps #SisterSunday link in my bio!!

The Khloe official app describes itself as a way to get personal access to her life. While the app is free to download, the subscriber content fee as of this writing is $2.99 per month.

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As far as how Keeping Up With the Kardashians has covered the health issues of the former Los Angeles Clippers player, a message that Lamar had been hospitalized on October 13, 2015, was shown during a recent episode. The filming of the reality TV show was stopped for two weeks, and then it was resumed. Footage showing Kris Jenner talking with lawyers about Odom’s needs during Kim’s surprise baby shower were shown. The Kardashian-Jenner clan also spoke about Khloe being by Lamar’s side night and day in the hospital in Vegas, so much so that Kris didn’t even know if Khloe had time to shower.

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