Marshawn Lynch’s Net Worth Makes A Great 2016 Retirement — Seattle Seahawks Player Hasn’t Spent His NFL Money

After leaving the Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch’s net worth is certain to make for a great retirement. It is claimed that the NFL player has not spent a penny out of his money made by playing football. While the NFL rumors have not stated when Lynch will retire, reports suggest the Seahawks may not renew his contract due to his high price tag.

For example, a previous report by The Inquisitr noted how Marshawn Lynch’s contact would cost $11.5 million, while rookie Thomas Rawls barely costs half a million.

“Even if those around him persuade him to delay hanging his cleats up, there is no certainty the franchise will take him back. Lynch, a five-time Pro Bowler, would cost $11.5 million against the salary cap next season. 22-year-old Thomas Rawls was a revelation filling in for Beast Mode (before Rawls himself went down with an ankle injury), and he’s owed just $530,000 for 2016.”

Lynch’s war chest is $49.7 million strong after playing nine NFL seasons, but NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport claims Marshawn has been saving most of his money.

“Marshawn Lynch has a lot of money,” Rapoport said. “He hasn’t spent a dime of his actual playing money… ever.”

Rapoport says he would be “surprised” if Lynch does not retire before the coming 2016 to 2017 NFL season.

“His days in Seattle, from what I understand, are over,” Rapoport added. “I would expect him to walk away after that.”


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Just how much is Marshawn Lynch’s net worth, anyway? Most celebrity sites declare that he is only worth about $10 to $14 million, but the comments by Rapoport seem to contradict that old estimate by a huge pile of cash. According to Forbes, Lynch makes about $5 million per year based upon endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi, Skittles, Progressive, and Activision, and that’s before you start adding up the income from all the Beast Mode merchandise.

“Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch is the preeminent pitchman among running backs. Lynch is the only running back making seven figures off the field, and he generates an estimated $5 million,” wrote Forbes. “Lynch will bank an estimated $5 million this year off the field. He has sold more than $2 million worth of his Beast Mode merchandise online and at pop-up stores at the Super Bowl and Seahawks’ home games this year (we include profits from the venture in his earnings).”

In addition, the running back made about $14 million from the five-year contract with the Buffalo Bills. After he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks, Lynch cashed in by signing a four-year, $30 million contract. His next contract extension was negotiated for about $24 million, of which he has already secured half.

If Lynch has been saving up all of the $49.7 million from these NFL contracts then it’s safe to presume he has someone managing that money for him. Assuming Lynch has been wisely investing his NFL money, it is possible he has generated millions more at this point, although reports do not offer any evidence to this effect. It is also possible Lynch has been saving some of the money earned through merchandise and endorsements instead of spending it.

In the end, if Rapoport’s comments are on the mark, then it is probably safe to assume Marshawn Lynch’s net worth is over $30 million after the highest U.S. income tax bracket with the IRS is taken into account. At 29 years old, Lynch is set for the rest of his life as long as he doesn’t attempt to push the superstar lifestyle.

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