Futuristic looking bike racks here today

As transportation cost go up a lot of people are looking at alternatives and when it comes to living in metropolitan areas bicycles are at the top of the list. The big problem with them though is where to you park then, safely, once you get to your destination after all most bike racks out there are bent steel racks of pure ugly. That is of course there is even a bike rack to be found since most businesses aren’t overly inclined to install them around their premises.

Bike Arc is aiming to change that with some really modern looking rack systems that defy traditional concepts of bicycle racks. Using a modular system the company can install different designs depending on the needs of the business and the location. The Rac Arc is low profile, the Umbrella Arc is a space saver (see video below), while the Tube Arc and the Half Arc protect bikes from the elements.

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