Celebrating Blog Day 2008

Blog Day is back for another run this year, encouraging bloggers to share new or relatively unknown blogs with their audience.

It’s a great idea: sharing some link love around while helping bloggers discover new blogs to read, and this year I’m happy to take part.

Our five selected blogs come from my list of under read or the lesser known column, although some names may be familiar.


CNReviews delivers a different perspective of China to the world, both through the writing of expats and local english speakers.

Technation Australia

It’s not TechCrunch, but Technation Australia aims to cover the Australian tech/ web 2.0/ startup community where no one really does with any depth, mostly due to the small market size. My only criticism is that they are Sydney based and therefore tend to forget the rest of the country, but they are off to a solid start.

Rizzn’s personal blog

Mark Rizzn Hopkins may be well known for his posts on Mashable, but his own personal blog is offering a more open and interesting platform for the real Mark to shine. I don’t always agree with him, but he challenges his readers and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Laurel Papworth Social Networks

One of Australia’s leading social media consultants, Laurel remains mostly unknown outside of our shores. She has an incredible depth of understanding in terms of virtual spaces, and isn’t half bad at the rest of it as well

Bryan Boy

I got hooked on Bryan Boy years ago, and although he has tended to become more mainstream, he still offers a different read. Think Perez Hilton of Asia but obsessed with fashion.

If you haven’t made you Blog Day entry yet, details on the site.

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