‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is Back, But Without Nicole Beharie?

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Sleepy Hollow.

When the mid season finale of Sleepy Hollow left off, fans were shocked to see that Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) had jumped through a portal, hoping to save her sister and contain an explosion. The plan worked, but not without a cost. Abbie was stuck on the other side, leaving Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood), and Joe Corbin (Zach Appelman) to find a way to retrieve her.

Now, as Sleepy Hollow picks up with season 3, amid rumors of possible cancellation, Abbie is nowhere to be seen and a demonic decoy suggests that she may never be found. Only a brief glimpse of Beharie at the very end of the episode suggests there may be hope yet for a return to the Mills/Crane partnership that makes Sleepy Hollow well worth the watch.

Sleepy Hollow Actress Lyndie Greenwood Reveals What Fans Can Look Forward To In The Hunt For Abbie Mills

Lyndie says that the rest of the Sleepy Hollow gang has been busy looking for Abbie Mills, showing that time has elapsed since the mid season finale, and that they’re each dealing with the disappearance of Abbie in their own ways. While everyone has taken it hard, Jenny takes the loss of her sister especially hard, because, for as long as she can remember, Abbie has been her whole life. She has always been the one to rely on, when Jenny was faced with hard times.

“That’s all she really has left as far as family — well, family that she knows very well. So she is very concerned with getting her sister back,” says the Sleepy Hollow actress.

Meanwhile, forces drew F.B.I. Agent Sophie Foster (Jessica Camacho) into the trusted circle of friends, implying that she may be a replacement to Beharie’s character. The story flowed naturally along, exposing Foster to the existence of the supernatural world and she even seemed to take the idea of a “monster convention” coming to Sleepy Hollow particularly well, leaving one to wonder just why she’s so open-minded. Could she be hiding some secret? Has she been compromised in the way that Crane’s wife and son were corrupted?

Will Jenny Mills Find Love And Be Able To Keep It?

In one of Sleepy Hollow‘s more tender moments, Jenny found herself open to finding love, which is something she has resisted up until this point. It seemed more and more likely that Joe Corbin was developing feelings for the younger Mills sister and, as he confessed his feelings in the most recent episode, the two shared a kiss. Ms. Greenwood says she was pleased with the way the writers took their time with developing the relationship, since Corbin’s introduction.

“They didn’t hammer it home in the first episode or anything like that,” the Sleepy Hollow actress said. “They really let it develop naturally. The first half of the season was them just coming to the point of admitting that they are into each other, and in the second half, we see where they go from there.”

Lyndie adds that the development of a relationship for Joe and Jenny won’t be easy. Each of them brings baggage that normal couples don’t necessarily carry with them. For Jenny, she has major trust issues, which she only lightly touched upon in this week’s episode and that may keep her from really opening up to Joe.

“How do they let someone else in? There are a lot of really great scenes coming up with Jenny and Joe trying to figure each other out and figure out how to navigate their way through this new territory. I think it’s really cool. It’s a really great arc for Jenny, because it’s a side of her that we’ve never seen before.”

Giving Sleepy Hollow a romantic touch with the Joe and Jenny storyline may be a way to attract new fans and excite loyal followers looking for more spice from the series. It remains to be seen if adding love to the madness of Sleepy Hollow will help save the series and secure a fourth season.

The next episode of Sleepy Hollow, “Incident at Stone Manor,” airs Friday, February 12, on FOX.

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