‘Supernatural’ Spoilers For Season 11, Episode 13: ‘Love Hurts’ [Video]

Supernatural is one of those shows that has the gift that keeps on giving. Every season, there is a main theme, or as the show would say, a “big bad.” Every episode has something to do with that main villain, but also features a case of the week that the Winchester brothers have to take care of.

Next Wednesday, that case is going to be Valentine’s Day on Supernatural and there is going to be some love in the air with episode 13, titled “Love Hurts,” according to TV Guide.

For those who have not picked up the show since the fall finale episode back in December, then there are a few things that have happened on Supernatural that you really need to know about. If, for any other purpose, then so you can have a little perspective on what is about to happen on the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the last episode of Supernatural featured the return of Sheriff Jody Mills as well as her new adoptees, Claire Novak and the wayward Alex.

This episode of Supernatural was appropriately titled “Don’t You Forget About Me,” which was a throwback to the ’80s hit film The Breakfast Club.

For those who do not remember who Claire Novak is, then here’s a reminder. She is Jimmy Novak’s (Castiel’s vessel) daughter. Sam and Dean Winchester placed her with the best person they saw fit for a girl in her situation, which was Jody Mills. Although Mills is no stranger to the Supernatural side of justice now, she is still somewhat of a beginner and does not quite have all the tools necessary to put down the monsters like the Winchester brothers.

But on Supernatural, there is one thing that the Mills can handle that the Winchester boys are scared to death of – teenage girls and their hormones.

The episode action started off with Claire pulling a Dean-like move at the beginning of the episode and jumped to conclusions when she found a couple in the middle of their steamy romance. She had suspected the boy of being a monster, but nothing was panning out at the moment.

That was when she made the call to Dean, who was sitting in front of a handsome cheeseburger and donuts. Then it became one of those classic Supernatural moments that turned into instant comedy. Dean had to give up on his meal and make a trail for North Dakota.

Once at the home of the extended Mills family, the tide turned to a nice family like gathering on Supernatural when they all sat down for a home cooked meal and funny conversation.

So as the episode of Supernatural progressed, fans learned that Alex has a boyfriend and that she is also on birth control, which was an area that the Winchesters would metaphorically hold a cross up to before even attempting to relate to them on the matter. The plot progressed when the cases of three missing people come into the conversation and they eventually make their way to a high school janitor who turns out to be a vampire.

As you may be able to imagine, a vampire theme on Supernatural always comes with its shades of gray. Although he is a killer, he targets Alex specifically because he was one of her victims when she lured him back to the vampire nest that fed on him and turned him. Henry, the boyfriend, is also a vampire and that is when the slayings started to kick in.

So next Wednesday, on episode 13 of Supernatural, there is going to be some love in the air when the Winchesters take another trip to a town that has been plagued by murders. This episode will be another Supernatural case of the week with no real progression to the Darkness and Lucifer (now Castiel) storylines.

As it will turn out, there’s a Supernatural curse tied to the murders and the boys have to get in and get out without anyone getting their feelings hurt. At least that will be the case when someone gets kissed by the ancient Supernatural curse.


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