Gross! 2 Maggots Emerge From In-Grown Toenail During Pedicure [Graphic Video]

There’s a seriously disturbing video going viral online. Usually, watching a pedicure video doesn’t require one to look past the gross-out factor and not eat for several hours, but that’s what could happen when watching the following video out of Brazil. That’s because the viral video shows the foot and toenail of an unseen person who is getting an ingrown toenail removed. Two maggots emerge along with the ingrown toenail and squirm around, along with plenty of blood.

Warning: The following video might be disturbing to some viewers.

The video is titled “Going to the manicure to treat an ingrown toenail” on Live Leak, and although it doesn’t mention maggots in the title or description of the gross video, that’s exactly what appears when viewers give in to their curiosity after reading the tantalizing description.

“And look what a surprise inside the nail!! disgusting!!”

Uploaded by Andrew Barao, the video showing the maggots at the manicurist has swelled to at least a comment count of 259 as of this writing — with many of the comments reflecting harsh racists comments about the color of the person displayed in the video. Nevertheless, the 35,442 views and more than a dozen votes and dozens of shares prove that the video out of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil, which was uploaded on Saturday, February 6 — around noon ET in the U.S. — has caused plenty of concern. Filed in their “WTF” category, the video displaying the maggots emerging from the toe is truly gross and brings to mind all sorts of questions.

The person having the ingrown toenail removed can be heard softly wailing in pain as the huge ingrown toenail cuts through their skin and blood and maggots come out with the ingrown nail. Sadly, it isn’t the first time that maggots have been found inside a person’s body.

In 2015, a video showing a dentist removing 15 maggots from a girl’s gum, as reported by the Daily Mail, went viral. The girl had swollen gums, and when she went to the dentist to have them investigated, the maggots living within her mouth horrified the dentists — and the world at large when the video went viral.

The girl, who was a 10-year-old at the time, also hailed from Brazil. She was taken to the capital, Brasilia, after feeling things moving around in her mouth, and the dentist found the maggot infection — dubbed oral myiasis.

Another shocking video of a man with 100 maggots in his nose, as reported by the Daily Mail, also showed that the man was from São Paulo, Brazil. That HIV-positive man was suffering from nasal myasis, and had experienced a plethora of nosebleeds each day. With all the stories of maggots infesting humans coming out of Brazil, one wonders if there’s an overabundance of maggots in the region — and how poverty surely relates to folks suffering in this manner.

Maggots affected Hugh Glass, the fur trapper who was attacked by a female grizzly bear, when maggots ate his flesh, as reported by the Daily Mail. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Glass in The Revenant, but the maggots portion couldn’t be displayed, because filmmakers couldn’t locate maggots in the area where the movie was being filmed.

While maggots sound truly gross to appear anywhere near or inside the body, a Virginia medical study is actually examining how medicinal maggots might be used to heal diabetic foot ulcers, reports News Medical. The medical publication reports that larvae, or maggots, have been used since the ancient days to try and heal wounds.

As seen in the above photo, maggots can be seen within a container at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The maggots were a part of the museum’s CSI: Crime Scene Insects exhibit, which allowed visitors to learn how insects like maggots could help determine when a person died and aide forensic entomologists during crime scene investigations.

(AP Photo/Jim Mone)

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