After Danica Dillon, Josh Duggar Lawsuit Dropped, She Hints At Payoff As Viewers Speculate

With the news that Danica Dillon and Josh Duggar are no longer on the way to a battle in court, it’s small wonder that the public is speculating about the facts behind the case, and behind its cancellation. Recent hints from the young woman, though, appear to hint that there is, indeed, more to the end of the lawsuit than a simple matter of evidence.

Lawsuits, of course, are dropped for a wide variety of reasons. Two parties decide to settle out of court, or one party admits that the facts are against him or her, or one party fails to provide adequate evidence.

In fact, that’s been an issue for Dillon — recent reports indicated that, while Duggar had provided evidence of his whereabouts during the period of time in question, she had failed to provide the documents requested of her.

Of course, the most exciting and tantalizing idea about dropped lawsuits is the possibility that the accused paid off the accuser to keep quiet, and there’s no question that this happens. Considering the public images of both parties in this case, it’s hardly surprising that a number of viewers leapt to exactly that conclusion.

Danica Dillon: Josh Duggar lawsuit drop doesn't mean I lied
[Image via TLC]
However, with recent news that TLC has been preparing for returning the Duggar family to television (again), it isn’t Josh who is at the center of payoff speculation — it’s the network.

One visitor to TLC’s Facebook page asks,

“TLC, how much did you pay her? Disgusting, disturbing, vile, sick!!”

Another wonders,

“So…how much did it cost you?”

They aren’t alone. Many other viewers are piling on to ask if TLC paid Dillon off, and to express displeasure with the idea of returning the Duggar family to screen.

However, if anything went on behind the scenes, and if Danica Dillon signed any type of nondisclosure agreement, she may already be putting it at risk. By Friday afternoon, she was already declaring that the lawsuit’s end did not mean that she had lied, and offering a certain well-known finger gesture to anyone who suggested she’d made it all up.

When a lawsuit is dropped and a nondisclosure agreement signed, it frequently includes a stipulation to keep quiet not only about the matter of the lawsuit, but also about the terms of settlement. If Danica did sign an agreement with Josh, she may be bound by that agreement not to discuss the terms — which might include not discussing why she dropped the suit (including hinting that it wasn’t because of facts in the case), and not disclosing any payment she may have received.

So, for example, a tweet such as the one below, from Friday, might cost Dillon her settlement, if one exists.

That and two subsequent Instagram posts about the matter — this NSFW one that includes the rude hand gesture, and the more vague one reproduced below that merely hints at ignoring people’s comments about her, were not enough for Dillon though.

Danica Dillon Josh Duggar lawsuit terms
[Image via Instagram]
No, by Saturday afternoon, Dillon was hinting at the ability to make new expenditures.

Of course, people buy new cars every day. In this case, however, we happen to be talking about a young woman who tweeted numerous times in 2015 asking people to buy her shoes, kitchen equipment, and other items.

It’s far from an explicit statement from Danica Dillon that Josh Duggar, TLC, or anyone else paid her to drop the lawsuit, but in context, immediately following the news of the suit’s cancellation, it certainly gives the appearance that she’s trying to drop hints — especially when the public speculation already leans in that direction.

[Image via Family Research Council]

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