WWE News: WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor Injured At NXT Live Event In Nashville

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor has been the face of NXT for some time now. He won the NXT Championship last summer and most believe he could hold onto it for a while longer if Vince McMahon does not manage to steal him from Triple H to have him on the main roster. He has done well since his arrival and the thought is that his career can only get bigger from here. Sadly, we all hit road blocks and even the best of WWE Superstars are still human.

That is why it should not be shocking to hear that the champ is down. Finn Balor sadly was injured at an NXT Live Event in Nashville, Tennessee, last night, according to Breaking Wrestling News. Fans claim that he seemingly hurt his leg or ankle in a match with Samoa Joe in the night’s main event. It is uncertain if he just landed awkwardly or not as there are no defined pictured or videos showing the injury as it happens like what we saw with Seth Rollins or anything. However, there is a video floating around after the match concluded.

Balor did finish the match, where he defeated Joe. You can see in the video that he is limping a bit after the match is over and when he makes his way to his feet.

There was an assumption that since he finished the match, he might be okay. He even managed to walk around a bit after seeming okay, which is why some thought the injury was to sell the story. When the show was over, Finn Balor was seen leaving the venue on crutches with his leg wrapped. He could not move well on his own according to fans, and he had to be loaded into the car with help.

While this does seem bad, it could always be a random issue that could seem bad now, but not be as serious once he is evaluated. It is expected that he will see a doctor today or at some point this week to know what is going on. He was supposed to appear at an NXT event in Indianapolis, but the NXT Champion may not make the show. If he does, it is doubtful he will be wrestling if these fan reports hold up.

Clearly losing Finn Balor is by no means a good thing for WWE right now. They cannot, absolutely CANNOT afford to lose him at this point.

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The good thing for WWE is that if Balor has to miss a bit of time, say a few weeks, they are going to be fine. WWE will need him when NXT Takeover comes to Dallas during WrestleMania week. He is scheduled to face Samoa Joe for the NXT Title there, where he could always pull a Sami Zayn and work the match only to drop the gold. WWE has already taped enough NXT shows to get them up to that week, so Balor does not have to perform again for a while if he needs a bit of time off.

This is a good thing for WWE but also bad. The hope was that he could be a big help to the NXT tour, which is why they taped so many shows at this point. He was going to be needed on all of those live events coming up, but clearly WWE can replace him with another top star for the main events if he has to miss time. This does not mean he will not appear as he could always make appearances for NXT so that the fans get to see him.

This does hurt some plans for WWE when it comes to Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, who were both set to come in and work with Balor. If Finn Balor has to miss time, that could push their debuts back a bit too. All of this being said, obviously WWE does not need to lose Balor right now. Let us hope the injury is not significant.

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