Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Super Bowl 50: ‘Super Idolatry And Drunkenness’

The Westboro Baptist Church and its followers are no strangers to controversy and showing up in places to spout their beliefs. Typically, the show up outside of courthouses or wherever a high-profile funeral may be taking place, but now they’ve got a new target. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) are heading to California so that they can protest and picket outside of Super Bowl 50 on Sunday.

Yes, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers won’t be the only two having a contest of any sort at Super Bowl 50. The WBC does indeed have Levi Stadium out in Santa Clara, CA, on their picketing schedule and are prepared to let their beliefs be known.

“Levi Stadium for Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, CA February 7, 2016 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM”

“As if the massive idolatry that surrounds Super Bowl 50 were not bad enough, Super Bowl 50 will be held in the slop zone of the Sodomite Capitol of the world, San Francisco, CA!”

The Westboro Baptist Church appears to be of the belief that people should read the Bible more than they are watching the Super Bowl. All that the biggest football game of the year is bringing is “super idolatry & drunkenness, ” according to them.

On their official Twitter account, the WBC has been posting for the last couple of days that they are heading out to California, or “SanF*gCisco” as they’ve been calling it, and they are going to head into the “slop zone” to let people know that reading the Bible is how they should spend their days.

There’s a very good chance that they aren’t going to be met with a very favorable response upon heading out to Super Bowl 50. The Westboro Baptist Church is often met with counter-protesters who stand in front of them, taunt them, and ridicule them in order to block their messages.

It’s not like the WBC only has one protest and picket-site on their agenda though. As reported by Hoodline, they have also been planning to picket the location of Books Inc. in the Castro, California, due to a book reading of an LGBT-friendly children’s book giving a message of acceptance.

The book is called “Square Zair Pair” and was written by Jase Peeples.

Westboro Baptist Church Super Bowl 50 LGBT book
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Peeples book is all about acceptance and loving everyone no matter how different they may be from you or anyone else. The reading at Books Inc. was poised to go on as scheduled on Saturday morning, Feb. 6, and Peeples actually organized a counter protest to oppose the WBC.

The counter protest is being done to show as much support as possible to anyone and everyone, says Peeples.

“I think this is an excellent time to really highlight what the book is about, which is promoting diversity and embracing our differences. [The counter-protest is to showcase the fact that Westboro’s] hatred has caused a group of people to come together and promote a message that’s all about love.”

It’s not uncommon for the Westboro Baptist Church to have others protesting and picketing back at them. Still, they’re going to be met with a lot of opposition throughout their picketing in different California locations this weekend.

Super Bowl 50 is set to be a clash of the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos to determine the NFL champion for the 2015 season. The Westboro Baptist Church believes there is much more to it and that people are wasting their time watching it when they should be reading the Bible. That’s the reason behind their picketing and protest, but it won’t be peaceful.

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