Katy Perry: On Purchasing Catholic Convent And Her Relationship With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry is ever the entertaining songstress who never fails to surprise or impress with her performances and quirky ways of life, not to mention her choice of beau. Most recently news has surfaced about the “Roar” hit-maker insisting on gaining the legal rights to buy a Catholic convent in Los Angeles.

The star is at the center of a dispute between the nuns of the convent and the archdiocese, who each claim it is their right to sell the property to Perry, a property which boasts stunning views and has a hefty price tag attached. The LA Times relays the details of the dispute.

“The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary insist they have the right to sell the property, which boasts birds-eye views of LA, to Dana Hollister for $15.5 million, but the Los Angeles Archdiocese claims the nuns’ sale is not authorized. The archdiocese claims its agreement to sell the convent to the 31-year-old singer for $14.5 million is legally binding.”

Superior Court judge Stephanie Bowick heard arguments from both sides on February 2 and will turn over her decision within the next 60 days as to whether it will be Hollister who is able to buy from the nuns or whether the archdiocese will sell to Perry.

Perry’s lawyers have noted their frustrations concerning the stalling of the nuns. The Times notes, “Perry’s attorney, Eric Rowen said Hollister and the sisters were attempting to stall. He told the LA Times ‘All they want to do is live another day.'”

The lawyer representing the nuns, John Scholnick, was quick to fire back, stating that more evidence should be gathered before the judge makes a final ruling.

Additional exchanges between the two parties from the middle of last year demonstrate the faith-based hesitation that is keeping the nuns from handing over the convent so easily to Perry.

“Last July, the nuns claimed they were ‘being forced to violate’ their vows by selling their convent to Katy. In an email correspondence sent from Sister Catherine Rose Holzman to Archbishop Gomez from May 22, she wrote: ‘In selling to Katy Perry, we feel we are being forced to violate our canonical vows to the Catholic Church.'”

The key fact that dictates who it is that has the right to sell the property clearly comes down to who owns the property to begin with. This is what is causing the dispute. However, it appears as though the nuns don’t have the permission to sell, as Irish Central notes.

“The ‘Firework’ hit maker and the church claim the nuns didn’t get approval for the sale form Archbishop Jose Gomez, while Michael Hennigan, who represents the archdiocese, insists Gomez controls the institute rather than the sisters.”

It seems to be a bit of a mess for a property; however, with views that are that spectacular and seeing as the nuns might perhaps be in the wrong for attempting to sell on their own accord when the property is not owned by them, the fight for the convent is perhaps worth it in the long run for Perry.

As it appears, Katy may be entertaining a new man in the property if she does, in fact, win the ruling, as the singer has been spotted out with Orlando Bloom. Both stars are reportedly looking very flirtatious and as if there is a bit of a romance brewing.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 10: Actor Orlando Bloom attends InStyle and Warner Bros. 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JANUARY 10: Actor Orlando Bloom [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]
The Inquisitr recently reported on the duo’s cute and adoring exchanges this past week, and only time will tell as to whether something serious will come of what seems to be the early stages of a relationship between the Lord of The Rings actor and the pop star.

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