‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers Tease What’s Next For Belle And More

Once Upon a Time fans have less than a month to wait for the return of the series, and there are even more new spoilers about what is coming up next during Once Upon a Time Season 5. The second half of the season will start off in the Underworld. Emma and her family journeyed there to save Hook after Emma learned that Gold tricked everyone in order to become the Dark One again.

However, Emma and the rest of the heroes will find more than just Hook once they arrive. It has already been teased that some former villains from the series will be there when they arrive – like Cora and Peter Pan. However, new Once Upon a Time spoilers from Entertainment Weekly tease that Emma and the heroes will find others in the Underworld that need saving.

“Second, though I’ve actually been to the Underworld myself, I’ll let Josh Dallas take this one. ‘It’s a place that, once they get there, they’re going to discover that possibly some of these people can be saved and brought out of there, because maybe they’re misplaced in this world,’ Dallas says. ‘We’re going to meet some people down there that maybe you don’t expect or you haven’t seen in quite a while — maybe a family member of David’s we might see down there. There is definitely a particular person down there for David that he’s going to come across, and Mary Margaret will come across that person too.’ “

Previously releases teased that David will find his twin brother in the Underworld. Could David try to save his brother from eternity in hell with Hades? Who else will Emma and David find in the Underworld that may not belong there? A lot of people have died since the series began. Could fans see the return of Graham, or someone else shocking? Fans will need to tune in to find out once the show returns.

Fans of the series did receive their first official look of Hades this week, and the series is going with the blue haired approach from the cartoon version.

There is more than the Underworld during the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 5. TV Line shared more details about Belle’s time in Storybrooke, and it appears Gaston will be featured in flashbacks to her past. Once Upon a Time set photos showed Gaston, Belle, and Gold together in Storybrooke, but those set photos were likely taken during the trio’s downtime on set. TV Line revealed more about what fans will see during the upcoming episodes when it comes to Belle.

“In addition to the flashback featuring (a new) Gaston and leading right up to the events of Season 1’s “Skin Deep,” ‘We have plans to keep Belle busy,’ co-creator Adam Horowitz assures. ‘Although she didn’t get on the boat [to the Underworld] with our heroes, she’s important to the story and becomes very involved.’ As for her rekindled romance with Rumple, ‘We left them in a place where that relationship was evolving’ — though unbeknownst to Belle (played by a pregnant Emilie de Ravin), her husband has gone darker than ever. ‘We’re not abandoning any of those story threads,’ says the EP, ‘and we’re hoping to pick up on them in an unexpected way.’ “

It is not really known yet if Emilie de Ravin’s pregnancy will be written into the series, but Belle and Rumple did rekindle their romance before he left with Emma for the Underworld. It is possible that their reunion caused a pregnancy for Belle.

The cast is still busy filming new episodes of the series, but there weren’t new photos from the set that popped up this week.

Adam Horowitz did share an image of the first page of the script, and Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 19 is titled “Sisters.” A casting call sheet revealed which sisters were featured in the episode. The casting call asked for younger versions of Regina and Zelena. That was all the call sheet revealed though.

It is not likely that the flashbacks to Regina and Zelena’s childhoods will feature them together, but fans will likely see what life was like for the two separately.

For now, fans have to continue waiting for the return of this series. Once Upon a Time will return in one month on March 6. Are you excited to see what happens next on this series?

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