NBC Reboot of ‘Cruel Intentions’ will see Sarah Michelle Gellar Reprise Her Role

Cruel Intentions is a cult classic of its time, released in 1999. The news that NBC had green-lighted a pilot for a TV show reboot of the franchise pleased many fans of the original film. News set to please those fans even more is the fact that star of the original film, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is considering to appear in the reboot. The star is one of the first yet-to-be confirmed names for the show, which may turn into a full series if the NBC pilot is successful.

NBC Reboot of Cruel Intentions will see Sarah Michelle Gellar Reprise Her RoleNBC Reboot of Cruel Intentions will see Sarah Michelle Gellar Reprise Her Role
Sarah Michelle Gellar Reprise Her Role [Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images]
Since her 1999 appearance in Cruel Intentions, Sarah Michelle Gellar has become something of a busy actress. She’s appeared in a number of subsequent movies and series. However, according to Gellar, the timing might be right for her to make an appearance in a reboot of Cruel Intentions. Many fans hope that some of the original film’s stars will join her in making an appearance during the TV show iteration of Cruel Intentions.

You might remember that Gellar’s character is actually featured in the follow-up series, which is why it may come as no surprise that she is anticipated to return in the reboot of Cruel Intentions. Gellar is believed to currently be at the stage of reading the script, before she makes the decision to commit to the project. That being said, the situation is looking fairly positive according to producers. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that Sarah Michelle Gellar is an incredibly busy actress. Perhaps best known for her work on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Gellar has an upcoming guest role on the new TruTV series, Those Who Can’t.

NBC’s adaptation of Cruel Intentions features a pilot from the original film’s writer and director, Roger Kumble. It also brings on board producers Neal H Moritz, Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross. The two latter names you may recognize as the people behind The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Cruel Intentions. The staging at Los Angeles’ Rockwell Table & Stage in May was something of a success with Kumble, Whitherspoon and Gellar all making an appearance. If NBC proceeds with this reboot of Cruel Intentions, the stellar team previously on board for the parody just might make it a success.

It’s widely believed that Sarah Michelle Gellar was the star needed for the reboot of Cruel Intentions to get the green light. She has subsequently been approached for pilots every season, but has only now decided to consider taking the plunge with some of her other commitments coming to an end.

This TV show adaptation of a popular movie comes at a time when series adaptations of movies are quickly on the rise. It’s possible this is largely due to the rising popularity of TV shows over traditional movies. With more and more people opting for entertainment on their smaller screen at home over the big screen at the cinema, producers are having to adapt their approach. Either way, many fans are pleased to see Cruel Intentions is finally going to get the reboot it deserves, even though some fans would rather see the franchise come back in a more traditional film format.

For now, though, all fingers are crossed that Sarah Michelle Gellar will become fully on board with NBC’s attempt to reboot Cruel Intentions. Without her, there are serious fears that the reboot will be put on the back burner once again.

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