Louis Tomlinson: Why The Desperation To Sell Us Danielle Campbell ‘Romance’?

Over the past few months Louis Tomlinson has rarely been out of the gossip columns. To be fair, we could probably say that Tomlinson has rarely been out of the gossip columns for the past five years, but the past few months have been especially intense. As one quarter of One Direction, Tomlinson is always fodder for the gossip columns, but it is much more usual to see Harry Styles linked with a succession of women than it is Louis.

Since the beginning of December, Tomlinson has been linked with actress Danielle Campbell. Of course, the “pop star dating actress” narrative is hardly unique, but some sections of the media seem particularly keen to convince us that Louis and Danielle are the real deal. It is fair to say that when it comes to One Direction romances, fans are a skeptical bunch, and with good reason. Tomlinson has rarely featured in romance stories in the past because he was linked with Eleanor Calder for so long.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans were surprised to see both Louis and Niall Horan linked with “winter girlfriends” this year. If you do not follow One Direction closely, there is a pattern of a One Direction member, usually Harry Styles, being linked with a high profile celebrity in early December. The romance stories are followed by the break-up story around the end of February shortly after the One Direction tour begins.

This year Louis has been linked with Campbell whilst bandmate Niall Horan was linked with Selena Gomez. The stories persisted even when the Mirror reported that Selena emphatically denied that she and Niall were dating. As reported by Inquisitr, Niall’s rumored romance with Selena has already gone the way of so many others in the past, but sections of the media seem increasingly desperate for us to believe that Louis and Danielle are the real deal.

In recent weeks we have seen a number of “stories” emerge about Tomlinson and Campbell that simply border on the mind-bogglingly absurd. In mid-January the Daily Mail blew us away with it’s “exclusive” of a “loved-up” Tomlinson visiting a grocery store with Campbell. Far from looking “loved-up,” Louis looked more like a man who had just visited the dentist for root canal surgery.

Earlier this week the Mail struck again as it reported that Louis and Danielle held hands as they went for dinner to celebrate her birthday. They even made the ridiculous suggestion that Louis and Danielle were holding a double celebration, her birthday and the birth of Louis’ son Freddie. Of course, the fact that your “boyfriend” just had a kid with another woman is something to celebrate, right?

It was even suggested that because Louis and Danielle were spotted holding hands in public they must be engaged. In this clip of video you can clearly hear the photographers directing Louis suggesting that the photos were staged.

Just when you think you have seen it all, along come Seventeen magazine to report that it must be love between Tomlinson and Campbell. Why? Because Danielle posted a picture on Instagram that may or may not show her and Tomlinson wearing matching sneakers. Of course there is absolutely nothing to suggest that the feet in the photo belong to Tomlinson and Campbell, but Louis does sometimes wear Converse sneakers.

It seems especially bizarre that the tabloids are so keen to link Tomlinson with Campbell at present. Louis is reportedly a new dad, and many would see it as rather crass and insensitive for Tomlinson to be running around with a new squeeze less than a fortnight after his son was born.

It would be reasonable to expect Louis to keep a low-profile so far as another woman is concerned so soon after becoming a father for the first time. The little that is known about the real Louis Tomlinson suggests that he is a respectful, sensitive and caring young man. Would the real Tomlinson be this insensitive towards the mother of his child or are other forces at play?

Let us know what you think about the Louis and Danielle “romance” in the comments below. When Louis is pictured with Danielle why does he always look like he just lost a dollar and found a penny?

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