Charlie Sheen Refutes Doctor’s Claims That He Cured HIV

Charlie Sheen has been cured of his HIV infection, according to Dr. Samir Chachoua, but Sheen himself is refuting those claims not more than a day later.

The Two and a Half Men star had met up with Chachoua in Mexico, where Sheen received an initial consultation, before inviting Samir to return home with him to treat him regularly over the ensuing two months. According to Charlie, the doctor was treating him illegally, once they returned to the United States.

Charlie Sheen Gambles On Dr. Chachoua And Loses

Once beginning his treatment of Sheen, the Mexican doctor convinced Charlie to discontinue the antiviral medications that his regular doctors had prescribed for him. Samir was so convinced that his regiment of arthritic goat’s milk would cure Sheen’s HIV that he insisted on the discontinuation of all other treatments.

Sheen has since condemned Samir Chachoua over the treatments, revealing that his HIV numbers have risen, since he began the arthritic goat’s milk therapy. He publicly exposed Dr. Chachoua on Twitter, attaching a picture of Walt Disney’s Pinocchio as a means of implying that he had been deceived.

Dr. Chachoua, on the other hand, has a different recollection of events and, as he points out in his replies to Sheen’s post, Charlie requested the treatment. This wasn’t something Samir forced upon the actor, so even if he had been working illegally in the United States, that had been at the behest of Charlie. The doctor added that the treatments resulted in negative HIV statuses for the duration of the time Sheen remained on the treatment.

“Every day you were on my treatment you felt incredible,” tweeted Dr. Chachoua in response to Charlie Sheen’s initial post.

In an interview with Dr. Oz, the Anger Management star revealed that he hadn’t expected to live as long as he has with the virus.

“I had been non-detectable, non-detectable and checking the blood every week and then found out the numbers are back up.”

Charlie Sheen Faces Yet Another Angry Ex-Wife In Court

Everyone knows that Denise Richards has initiated a new lawsuit against Sheen in which she makes some shocking allegations in her quest to obtain more money from her ex-husband, but it seems Sheen will be faced with an entirely new court battle from his other ex-wife. Brooke Mueller is making plans to exit rehab sooner than expected, because she wants to be able to prepare for a new custody battle. Mueller will be going to court with Charlie over the custody of their twin sons, Bob, and Max, 6.

Brooke will be leaving the rehab facility within the next two weeks and a source within the facility reports that Ms. Mueller is ending her treatment with the approval of her doctors. Even though maintaining custody of her sons is important, the source says Brooke wouldn’t have made plans to quit the rehab center without the approval of her physicians.

“There is a lot of concern that Charlie is gunning for custody of the twins, and Brooke won’t let that happen without a fight,” the source said. “But she wouldn’t have left the facility if her doctors didn’t feel she was ready.”

Once she returns home, Sheen’s ex-wife will be joined by a sober living companion to help her adjust to life outside of the treatment facility. It’s believed that Sheen may be trying for custody of the children to avoid paying an additional $55,000 a month in child support, so Mueller may be hoping that Charlie will drop the suit, once he’s no longer burdened with the extra payments.

“This could be a way for Charlie to save money, because he is bleeding cash.”

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