‘The Bachelor’ News: Amanda Stanton’s Ex Nick Speaks Out Against Critics

This season on The Bachelor, viewers are getting to know single mom Amanda Stanton. Along with that comes everyone wanting to know about Amanda’s ex-husband as well. Amanda has two young daughters and she was married to their father. Her ex Nick Buonfiglio is not part of the show, but since Amanda is on it, his name is getting drug through the mud. Of course, Amanda’s ex isn’t taking this very well, and now he is speaking out. Nick took to his Facebook page to share his thoughts on what the critics have to say about him.

Here is what Amanda Stanton’s ex Nick had to say his Facebook page.

“Ok, so I have done my absolute best to keep quiet to all these so called ‘critics’ about my life, me as a father, and my failed marriage. First off, I never asked to be put in the spotlight, I was thrown into it. For people whom I do not know, and have no idea about my life, my kids, or even much about Amanda, to comment the horrible things they have said to me, is baffling. I will set the record straight right now. Yes, I made mistakes in my marriage, I was not a perfect person, but who is? I have grown a lot from my past, and believe if you can learn from your mistakes you’ll be better than you use to be. I did not cheat on Amanda, did I lie, sure, did I emotionally cheat, yes.”

After that, Amanda’s ex went on to explain even more about what is going on right now. He said that he talked to Amanda Stanton before he went off and spoke to a magazine about their past. Nick did tell his side of the story, but Amanda knew that he was going to do it and Nick was very careful about what he had to say about her. Nick then went on to say that the children that he has with Amanda are the center of his world. Nick wants people to get their facts straight before talking negative about him.

This all started when Amanda Stanton talked about him to Ben Higgins last week on The Bachelor. Once Amanda shared some about her past, the entire world started looking for more information about him and then of course people started to talk negative. Nick Buonfiglio is just wanting a chance to tell his side of the story. Nick made sure to put his post on Facebook as public so anyone that is looking for him can find it and read what he has to say about Amanda and the critics of the show.

The interview that Nick is talking about is when he spoke to Life & Style about Amanda Stanton and their split. Nick shared that his divorce from Amanda was just final about three months before she joined the show to try to find love. Nick also shared that he will always be a big part of Amanda’s life because of the two daughters that they share. Nick even said that Ben Higgins seemed like a nice guy and gave him a few tips for dealing with Amanda in case they end up together in the end.

Are you shocked to hear that Amanda Stantons’ ex is speaking out against the critics? Do you think that Amanda will be the one to win Ben Higgins heart in the end? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss watching Amanda on Monday nights on ABC on The Bachelor.

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