Did Colleen Crowley Destroy Johnny Manziel’s Career? Deion Sanders Weighs In On Their Volatile Relationship As She Requests Protective Order

Is Colleen Crowley, girlfriend of Johnny Manziel, the quarterback’s main problem? According to former NFL pro Deion Sanders, Colleen Crowley may not be all that’s wrong with the Cleveland Browns athlete, but their relationship is “crippling” to his career.

“Johnny’s in love,” Sanders told the Cleveland Plains Dealer during a conference on February 4. “And Johnny’s in love with something that’s crippling him right now. I understand it. And it upsets me that grownups don’t understand it. Because he feels as though this game don’t love him, the people in this game don’t love him, so the only thing that he associates with love is that thing that’s really inflicting a lot of pain on him and that’s [Colleen Crowley].”

According to the report, Colleen Crowley and Manziel broke up in December, but came together for a night out on the town last weekend, and after meeting at a hotel in Dallas, they were involved in an alleged altercation. In a police report shared by TMZ, it was noted that Colleen Crowley told police that Manziel threatened to kill both her and himself during a car ride back to her Ft. Worth apartment. Colleen Crowley also claimed Manziel hit her several times, which he denied.

“I’m completely stable,” he told TMZ. “I’m safe and secure.”

While Colleen Crowley claimed to be in fear for her life, as well as the life of Manziel, he insisted he never hit her, nor did he speak of murder or suicide.

“It’s hard to be a young kid,” said Sanders. “You have to go through these trials and tribulations to find yourself and that’s what he doing right now. He’s trying to find himself. And I empathize with him. Johnny’s girlfriend. That’s his issue.”

Sanders feels that the volatile relationship between Colleen Crowley and Manziel has taken center stage in his life and distracted him from his career.

“I’m not saying [Colleen Crowley] is the problem. I’m saying their relationship is inflammatory,” Sanders stated.

Sanders pointed out during the conference that Manziel’s two most recent issues were quite similar. In addition to Colleen Crowley being involved during each instance, she was described as “intoxicated,” as well, and claimed her ex-boyfriend, Manziel, was on some sort of drugs during the most recent escapede (Manziel spent two-and-a-half months in rehab last season). She also alleged he hit her during each confrontation. However, despite Colleen Crowley’s allegations, Manziel wasn’t charged with assault in October, 2015, when the first incident took place, and there doesn’t appear to be any charges pending in regard to their latest dispute.

“His last two issues have been with [Colleen Crowley],” Sanders noted. “Take away that and what you got?”

Cleveland Plains Dealer went on to reveal that Michael Irvin, Sanders’ fellow Hall of Famer, was hopeful that the Dallas Cowboys would give Manziel a change with their team after his anticipated release from the Browns in March. As the report explained, owner Jerry Jones wanted to draft Manziel in 2014, but it didn’t work out.

While Manziel told TMZ, “I have great things coming ahead,” he didn’t reveal if a potential signing with the Cowboys was in his future. Meanwhile, Sanders appeared confident that Jones would give him another chance.

“Jerry will probably pick him up because Jerry has been a haven for players with tribulations. Jerry has saved lives that he does not get the credit for,” Sanders revealed.

In other Colleen Crowley news, TMZ reported on February 5 that the model and student had requested a protection order against Manziel. Still, the report stated that there were no plans to arrest Manziel in connection with Colleen Crowley’s claims against him.

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