Name Reservations For ‘Black Desert Online’ Pre-Orders Open On February 9

As part of the pre-order incentives for Black Desert Online, players can reserve their character name and a family before the game launches on March 3. All three pre-order packages for the game include a name reservation perk in addition to a number of other items. Name reservations will open up on February 9 according to the official website for Black Desert Online.

Players that have pre-ordered the game will be able to visit a URL, which will be announced later, that will provide the steps to secure their name reservations. The reservations process will likely occur on the webpage according to the game’s official forum administrators. No matter which pre-order package is purchased, each player will receive one character name reservation and one family name reservation.

Before the game’s release on March 3, one more final closed beta will occur on February 18. Players can sign up for a chance at access now through the game’s official website, or players can pre-order the buy-to-play game to ensure access to the beta. The final closed beta will end on February 22, and only the two pricier pre-order options include access to the second closed beta.

Since Black Desert Online is a buy-to-play game with optional in-game purchases, players will need to purchase the client in order to play. Pre-ordering now will ensure access to the name reservations mentioned above in addition to other bonuses like an in-game title, at least a 24-hour head start, and at least one additional character slot. The thriftiest option for the game is $30 and includes those pre-order bonuses, three décor coupons, three dye boxes, an Appearance Change Coupon, three partial skill resets, and a Steel Toolset Package.

Black Desert Online
The Ranger in Black Desert Online [Image via Pearl Abyss]
Two other packages, the Explorer’s Package and the Conqueror’s Package, are also available. These more expensive packages, at $50 and $100 respectively, grant access to the final beta, offer more items, earlier head start access, more character slots, and more. Check out the pre-order page for all the details. Players will need to purchase the packages with beta access before the February 18 closed beta date if they wish to be included in the final Black Desert Online beta. Pre-orders will only be available until February 26.

Black Desert Online will release in the west on March 3. The game will launch with six classes including the Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Valkyrie, Warrior, Wizard, and Witch. Of note, the Wizard and the Witch are seemingly identical expect for their gender. Action combat, a story dripped in mystery, and a number of fantasy-themed life skills give players a variety of things to master in Black Desert Online. In addition to trading, crafting, and compiling knowledge, players in Black Desert Online will also be able to buy a home, set up trade routes, and even fish. A gorgeous world and engaging combat are staples of the game as well.

Black Desert Online
Create the best looking character for a chance at first prize [Image via Pearl Abyss]
As the Inquisitr reported, the standalone character creator for Black Desert Online can be downloaded right now by anyone interested. The robust character creator gives players a chance to see what type of character they can create within the game. In fact, characters made in the standalone creator can be imported to the closed beta or into the launch version of Black Desert Online, too. The Beauty and the Beast contest continues as well with the Beauty portion going on right now. Players can create their most attractive characters and submit them on the contest website for a chance at special prizes. Just entering the contest, however, guarantees the player an in-game title and a seven-day costume when the game releases. First, second, and third place prizes include a varying number of Pearls to be spent in the in-game shop, closed beta keys, Black Desert Online T-shirts, and even special Black Spirit figurines. Black Desert Online‘s in-game shop is expected to offer things like pets, mounts, and costumes among other offerings.

[Image via Pearl Abyss]

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