Meri Brown’s Catfisher Publishes Book: Find Out Explosive ‘Sister Wives’ Secrets Here

Last season on Sister Wives, Meri Brown revealed that she had been catfished. Meri was talking to someone she thought was a man, and they were having a very intimate emotional relationship. Meri Brown later found out that it was a woman named Jackie Overton who was messaging her. Radar Online shared that Jackie has put out a book all about their relationship and things that she found out during this time. Of course, Jackie still isn’t admitting to being Jackie and says that she is a man named Sam Cooper. Meri Brown has never acted like she actually met with the man, even though the book tells another confusing story.

Here is one thing that the book claims about Meri Brown.

“She told me in one really bad argument she was pregnant with her daughter and her sister wife grabbed her by the shoulders and kneed her right where the baby was. She said it angered her so much and worried her that she did not want to see or talk to that sister wife for months, And she didn’t. She said she kept her distance and learned to become civil.”

The book doesn’t say who Meri Brown said did this, but it had to be Janelle or Christine because Robyn wasn’t part of the family yet at that time. The book goes on to claim that Meri Brown and the man had a fun sexual night, but this just doesn’t even make sense considering there isn’t really a man at all.

In this book, Jackie Overton claims that Kody Brown was verbally abusive to Meri Brown and that it got really bad during part of their marriage. The book says Meri “went mute for several years because it’s easier. She told me anytime she tried to speak up or defend herself, he would start a fight and began yelling at her.”

Meri Brown has talked about the idea of possibly filing a lawsuit against Jackie Overton. Meri feels like she was actually trying to break up her family. If Meri was going to file a lawsuit, you would think that she would have already done it, but so far nothing has been filed.

The Hollywood Gossip shared that the book also says that Kody Brown is only sleeping with Robyn now and the other wives are left out. Jackie says that Kody Brown spends most nights with Robyn, which makes everyone jealous. On the show, it looks like the Browns have a very regular schedule and that Kody stays at a different house each night.

The book also explains that Meri Brown was considering leaving Kody and moving on. Meri felt like the marriage was over. Now that her daughter has moved out, there is really nothing that would make Meri feel like she has to stick around.

For now, the Brown family seems to be staying very united and Meri Brown has never moved out. Once she found out that Sam wasn’t real, Meri ended up issuing an apology and sticking around with the Brown family. Even Jackie Overton reveals that Meri Brown does love the kids. Even though Meri Brown only has one biological child, they have 18 kids between the Brown wives. Meri is very close with all of the children.

Are you surprised to hear that Jackie Overton put out a back about Meri Brown? Do you think that some of these are true and things that Meri told her during their online relationship? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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