World’s Favorite Harry Potter Spell Revealed During ‘Harry Potter Book Night’

The world’s favorite Harry Potter spell has been revealed, and it’s going to surprise absolutely nobody. Well, it might surprise somebody who has never read the books or seen the films, but chances are they don’t care about this news anyway.

Time reports that last night, the “Harry Potter Book Night: A Night of Spells” was held all over the world to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s series. To boost awareness of the event, Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury Children’s Books ran a poll to see what was audiences favorite spell.

And, surprising absolutely nobody, the charm that won was none other than the Patronus charm. The top ten charms were as follows:

1. Expecto patronum
2. Accio
3. Wingardium Leviosa
4. Expelliarmus
5. Lumos
6. Alohomora
7. Avada Kedavra
8. Sectumsempra
9. Obliviate
10. Riddikulus

Accio was used in the books to call an object to whoever uttered the spell, and, obviously, Wingardium Leviosa is what made Hermione and Emma Watson a sensation in both real life and the internet years later.

Coming in at number seven on the list is Avada Kedavra, the spell that instantly kills people. And, finally, coming in at number 10 is Riddikulus, the spell that makes a Boggart look funny.

Figuring out the muggle world’s favorite spell is one thing, but something much more important, much more pressing, is the amount of money that Harry Potter has in his Gringotts vault.

Well, someone has figured that out.

A Reddit user by the name of “NeokratosRed” used a screen shot from the The Philosopher’s Stone to tally up just how much money Harry Potter has. Radio Times reports the user figured out the height and depth of the coin stack in an elaborate equation.

He calculated that the number of Galleons in Harry Potter’s vault adds up to about 50,625.

J.K. Rowling stated that a Galleon back then would equal about $7.20 in American dollars, so Harry Potter has about $367,828 in his bank account.

Steam rolling its way into the future, the new Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them comes out on November 18–which is a spin-off of the original Harry Potter series.

Design Trend reports the cast of the new Harry Potter spin-off movie got to chat about the new film.

“This one catalyst sets it all in motion,” Eddie Redmayne, the main character, said.”It’s an insane amount of events that just cause chaos.”

The story is about four characters. Besides Scamander (Redmayne), there are two sisters and a non-magical man. Tina Goldstein is portrayed by Katherine Waterson, and her sister in the film, Queenie Goldstein, is played by Alison Sudol.

“Tina is very soulful,” said Waterson. “She shows a lot of strength and courage.”

“You have two sisters who have raised each other and have a very deep bond,” continued Sudol.

As for the non-magical man, Dan Folger said, “Jacob just got back from the war and he’s trying to get his life together and open up a bakery. He just happens into this very magical situation.”

For now fans will have to wait, but at least the whole world has come to an unsurprising consensus about their favorite spell. The fact that it’s the Patronus charm surprised nobody.

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