‘Street Fighter V’ Name Generator Celebrates 25 Years of ‘SFII,’ With Hilarious Results

A newly-created Street Fighter V name generator is celebrating a special occasion. On the first week of February, 25 years ago, Street Fighter II was released, and it was a hit. Competitive gamers worldwide gathered in arcades to beat the crud out of each other (on a screen) over and over, and it became a phenomenon for Capcom.

With code based on the classic game “Rock Paper Scissors,” different attacks could counter others, and Street Fighter II took it to another level. They made it more satisfying for virtual fighters and let them rub their victory in their opponents’ faces.

One thing that SFII was known for, and couldn’t seem to live down, was Capcom’s tendency to re-release it with updates and a new name. First came Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, and then Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting. Around this time, hackers were releasing unofficial versions themselves with cheats built in, making the moves work in ways they weren’t supposed to. Capcom fought back by re-coding the game and adding new characters with Super Street Fighter II, and then sped it up and added a hidden boss with SSFII: Turbo.

The Street Fighter V name generator is here to give fans a chance to randomly generate some hilarious re-names for the upcoming title before it’s even released. This is fitting, since Capcom has done the re-release name changes with every game in the franchise since SFII hit arcades.

Street Fighter III had three versions, Alpha had a number of versions including Gold on Dreamcast, and even the less popular EX had a second release. SFIV was a bit more controversial, as some considered the original to be the best (though unbalanced) because it was the only one where the player needed to beat the game with every character to unlock the entire roster, adding replay value from the start. Later versions added new characters, but didn’t require players to unlock any of them.

The Street Fighter V name generator offers creative twists on future versions, including one reported by Games Radar (where the generator is hosted) with a nod to Konami’s decision to part ways with Hideo Kojima.

Kojima was the one who created many of Konami’s flagship titles, and his departure was the first of several reasons for the cancellation of Silent Hills. He might also be the reason fans haven’t seen Konami’s flagship games appearing on the PS2 on PS4 list on the PlayStation Network store.

Games Radar has stated that Capcom plans on releasing all DLC and updates free for Street Fighter V, but the name generator will still give us a chance to laugh at what could happen if Capcom changes their mind and re-releases the game anyway.

Among the results are “Space Mystery DLC,” “Armageddon Identity Girlfriend – The New Class,” “Dance Clutch God,” and “Biohazard Retrospective Puzzle.” Apparently the Street Fighter V name generator is aiming for nearly every ridiculous possibility, and even the possibility of spin-offs like Puzzle Fighter II.

More likely, any additional characters to be added might include fan favorites like Akuma, or possibly a one vs two mode like they offered in Dreamcast’s Street Fighter Alpha Gold. After Decapre was announced as a brand new character and she ended up being a Cammy clone with new moves, Capcom might be thinking twice about doing that again.

As competitors like Mortal Kombat X are finding dominance, Capcom will need to keep pushing their newest fighter to be the best it can be. The worst-case scenario is that the developer changes their mind and does something odd, as suggested by various results from the Street Fighter V name generator.

[Image via Capcom]

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