Kylie Jenner’s Assistants Reveal Her Demands Over Snapchat While Jenner Fights Rumors Her Ego’s Out Of Control [Video]

Kylie Jenner’s assistants revealed over social media some of the more crazy requests the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star makes – all in good fun, of course. In a Snapchat tell-all, Kylie, who is very open with fans, had her assistants tell fans what it’s like to work for Jenner, including how particular Kylie is about her smoothies!

While her assistants describe that Kylie requires her smoothies to be a certain temperature, Jenner is seen laughing in the background, clearly having a good time as her employees tell fans that “Kylie asks me for the same f**king smoothie every morning.” Not only that, but when the assistant asks Jenner to decide on a flavor, Kylie retorts “you should know the flavor.”

Kylie also is particular about the temperature of her drinks. During the Snapchat conversation, the reality star’s assistant claims that Kylie is “particular about [her]beverages,” explaining that if “the smoothies gotten too warm, forget it.” In addition, Jenner requires pristine straws, and her assistants are not allowed to touch them.

Jenner, who has gotten a bad reputation lately for having an overblown ego, was giggling as she poked fun at herself in the Snapchats. According to her assistants, Kylie will demand something one day, then completely forget the request the following day.

In one hilarious story, her staff revealed that Kylie will tell her assistant, “I want an apple tomorrow.” The following day, however, Kylie will have no recollection of the conversation. Her assistant confessed that she’ll bring the fruit to Jenner, who will respond “what the f**k, why would I want an apple?” Kylie then demands her assistant show her the texts since the teen does not believe her staff.

Although the demands seem outrageous, Kylie took the tell-all in stride, laughing as she told her assistants “[y]ou guys make me seem so f**king bougie!”

The Snapchat conversation with her assistants might be a response to rumors that Kylie Jenner has grown a large ego since starting her personal brand. According to a Jenner insider, Kylie “picks fights with everyone,” including her sisters and closest friends.

Even though Kylie seems sweet on camera when filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality is quite a bit different. According to sources close to Kylie, the teen is “the most rude and condescending person you could meet.” As her assistants laughingly revealed in over Snapchat, Kylie bosses people around.

According to the insider, “[I]t’s like she irritates people just for the fun of it.”

Similarly, Kylie reportedly has cut off her brother Rob after finding out he’s dating her rival, Blac Chyna. The model used to be friends with Kim Kardashian until Kylie started dating Tyga, who has a child with Blac Chyna. The model has given Kylie Jenner a lot of grief since she started dating Tyga, and has publicly thrown shade at Jenner.

According to Hollywood Life, “Kylie told her sisters to let Rob know that he’s dead to her.”

In addition, Kylie Jenner is “telling the family she never wants to talk to him again” because he started dating the teenager’s arch enemy.

A Jenner insider also revealed that Kylie has been in tears over Rob dating Blac Chyna. Rather than being happy for her brother, Kylie has “been sick and crying about it. Kylie feels like two of the most important men in her life are either in love or have been in love with her enemy.”

Meanwhile, Blac Chyna seems to be copying Kylie after the model offered a sneak peek at her latest photo shoot, which looks strikingly like one of Kylie three months ago.

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