Kaylan Mahomes’ ‘Black Don’t Crack’ Twitter Photo Gets 31,000 Likes: Who’s The Mom? [Spoilers]

There is a viral photo going around that began simply enough on Twitter when Kaylan Mahomes posted a selfie with her twin sister and her mother. The photo, as seen below, was posted on January 28 and shows the trio in a car with the caption, “Mom, twin & me.” More than 30,000 likes on Twitter later — plus nearly 20,000 Twitter retweets — the photo has people online guessing which woman is the mother and which women are the twin sisters.

As reported by CNN, the photo by the Mahomes Family has people tagging their posts with the #blackdontcrack label. “Black don’t crack” is a phrase often used to refer to how well some African-American skin ages, with few wrinkles that leave some in awe over how much younger women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s can appear.

“When your mom thinks it’s a picture… lol #whosthemom?”

After going viral, Kaylan posted a video of her twin sister and her mom, with at least two of them believing they were posing for another selfie photo — and not a selfie (or “usie”) video. The way the women laugh when they realize it’s a video tells the tale.

Beyond those antics, the Internet at large wondered who exactly was the mom of the twins. If you want to know the supposed answer, keep reading. According to The Perks of Being Black Tumblr, “That’s mom on the left, Kyla in the middle and Kaylan on the right.”

Looking at other photos of Kyla and Kaylan helps to decipher the twin sisters from their mother, although there’s no word on whether or not their mom has a Twitter or Instagram page. Kaylan’s Twitter does direct others to their new instagram.com/momtwinandme account, which already enjoys more than 10,000 likes.

That Instagram account features comments that say it’s a dead giveaway that the mom is on the left, since she is wearing a tailored black suit jacket. Another giveaway is the skin on her neck — which can be an area that’s not always as tight as younger women. Either way, the world agrees all the women look great.

As seen on the Tumblr page, various selfies show Kaylan with the sun popping in her face, and Kyla with “no filtaaa” — that is, no filter on her photo.

Another photo shows the mother of the twin sisters cooking in the kitchen from a different vantage point. It was a photo that came with the hashtag “mom appreciation post,” and featured the twin sisters’ mother dressed up in Christmas gear. It was posted the day after Christmas in 2015, on December 26, 2015. The photos represent a fun guessing game to try and determine the mother in the photos.

On Twitter, Kaylan posted photos that prove their newfound fame, such as the ladies who stopped the Mahomes after leaving a nail salon and getting recognized from their viral photo on Facebook.

Even if smooth skin doesn’t easily reveal mom, sometimes her style of dress does.

After the Indianapolis trio of women went viral, folks began joking online about applying more face cream and asking for the beauty secrets of the mom.

On Facebook, the guessing game of “Who’s the mom?” is going viral, as well, as folks add their thoughts in the comments section about Kaylan’s viral photo. Some of those commenting on the photo use interesting logic to determine who’s the mom in the photo.

“The one on the far left is the mother. I say that because I know my mom doesn’t drive if I was able to drive her and she sure as h*** would not sit in the back.. Lol.”

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