‘Winning’ Megyn Kelly Book Deal: Fox News Host Reportedly Eyeing $10-Plus Million Contract In Wake Of Trump Feud

Turns out that Megyn Kelly is winning big in the so-called feud with Donald Trump. According to the latest entertainment news rumors, the popular Fox News Channel host inked a lucrative book deal in the wake of her ongoing jousting with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, citing a New York Times report.

Based on a DeadLine report, the Kelly File TV personality agreed to pen a memoir for a reported sum of $10 million (sources say the figure is closer to $11 million). HarperCollins landed the deal for the book, which is to be published later this fall.

Megyn Kelly, 45, recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. There, she opened up about her encounter with Trump during Fox News’ first Republican debate for the 2016 Elections. Kelly denied trying to bait Trump into a verbal exchange or to expose his perceived misogynist proclivities. Instead, she said the questions were aimed at demonstrating his qualifications — or lack thereof — as President of the United States of America.

“He got a tough question but they all got tough questions. That opening round… was all about electability. We were trying to get to: ‘What’s your weak spot? What’s going to prevent you from getting the nomination, what’s going to prevent you from winning against Hillary who’s going to be the likely Democratic nominee.

“All those guys got it right it in the kisser. They want George Washington’s job! I’m a member of the press and we’re supposed to press.”

In a later interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Trump summed up his take on Megyn Kelly’s line of questioning from the previous night.

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her… wherever.”

Social media, Democrats, political pundits, Republican candidates, and a number of high-profile members of the GOP establishment lashed out at Trump over his characterization of Kelly. The backlash gained momentum, as many accused the real estate mogul not only of bigotry towards Hispanics (and now Muslims) but also of a perceived contempt towards women — especially someone of Megyn Kelly’s stature. One reader said the book deal is one thing, but it should be “made into a movie.”

Trump denied the allegations of racism and misogyny. He countered by saying he is under attack by the media for not conforming to established norms and principles of political correctness.

Megyn Kelly’s book deal is the byproduct of the allure she’s garnered by facing one of most formidable political machines the world has seen in recent history. Since the start of her verbal fisticuffs with Donald Trump, she’s been on the receiving end of many tangible and intrinsic victories.

Kelly recently appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, she’s been on the talk show circuit with several television appearances, she snagged a guest spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the Super Bowl 50 time slot, and her exchange with Trump made her a de facto face of feminism. Undoubtedly, Trump’s least beloved GOP moderator’s star is just beginning to shine.

On Kelly’s book deal, HC confirmed reports about its publishing relationship with Megyn, thanks to the partnership with SVP-Director of Creative Development Lisa Sharkey. Not surprisingly, with so much on the line, Matt Harper, the chief editor of the magazine, is giving Kelly’s draft an editing eye.

Fox’s third Republican presidential debate is scheduled for March 3. Trump boycotted the second GOP face-off. The move reportedly proved to be a costly decision in the Iowa caucuses; he finished second to Ted Cruz. So far, he has not confirmed plans for participation. Kelly referred to his noticeable absence as “the elephant not in the room.” Nonetheless, Megyn thinks the public’s bets on another flare up won’t stop Trump from showing up for the next round.

What do you think about Megyn Kelly’s $10 million-plus book deal after the Trump dustup?

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