‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Elizabeth Blame Sam For The Fire Or Will They Finally Call A Truce?

It has been an exhausting week so far for both Sam and Elizabeth. The two moms are now in difficult positions, and it is about to get even worse before it’s over. General Hospital promises that it is about to become quite an explosive end of the week.

The war between Sam and Elizabeth has been ongoing for quite some time, and it is all because of Jason Morgan. Both women have children with him, and that in itself keeps him connected to them for life. This week has been full of drama, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that it is about to explode with more drama as Sam’s life is in danger in Elizabeth’s basement.

On Thursday’s episode, Sam was having hallucinations about Jason rescuing her while the electric heater was smoking, which is about ready to turn into a major disaster. While this is happening, Elizabeth is with Jason at the hospital waiting for little Jake to come out of surgery. Now it seems that there has been a complication with their son. What could that be?

A fire is expected to start while Sam is trying to escape. According to General Hospital spoilers that Soap Opera Spy has put out, Jason is indeed supposed to come to her rescue after Jake finally confesses to his parents that he killed Sam. Of course, the boy just thinks she is dead after she wouldn’t wake up after falling down the stairs. This is when Jason apparently finds her and gets her out of the burning house.

 Actor Billy Miller (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)
Actor Billy Miller [Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

However, as seen in clips of what is about to happen on General Hospital, Elizabeth’s house explodes when the house is ablaze. Everything, including photos, will apparently be gone. What will Elizabeth do now? She will have no house to go home to, nor will she have anything else but maybe the clothes on her back. With the history of these two women, there may be a lot of finger pointing in this situation.

General Hospital fans may end up being quite vocal about who is to blame for this to begin with. Is it Sam’s fault that Elizabeth’s house burned to the ground? Or should the blame be put on Elizabeth because she didn’t get Jake the help he needed before all of this happened?

Sam confronted Jake at the house after she realized that he was the one who was responsible for the “break-ins,” and that started the ball rolling. It wasn’t Jake’s fault that Sam tripped down the basement stairs, but many General Hospital fans have vocalized that she should not have pursued Jake in the first place. Of course, she was enlisted by Jason to find out just who it was that was trying to scare Elizabeth. She did solve the case, but it could cost her dearly.

Between losing Jason, Jake’s second car accident, and now with her house gone, Elizabeth may just lose it. Who could blame her? However, she may just surprise everyone and not blame Sam or anyone else in particular so that she can focus completely on getting her son the mental help that he needs right now.

There is also the question of what happened when Jake was with Helena Cassadine all that time. This may all come into play soon. Will Liz and Jason find any clues as to why Jake has been so evil since he came back home? Even Cameron told Jason at the hospital on Thursday that he had trouble accepting Jake as his brother when he first got back. That statement could mean that Cam is onto something, or it could just be that he was not used to having another brother around.

What do you think will happen when Elizabeth discovers that her house has gone up in flames? Will she blame Sam for the whole thing? Or will Sam blame her because of Jake?

Sound off your thoughts on this exciting week of General Hospital.

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