Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles: Is Azoff Factor Forging A New Direction?

Louis Tomlinson and bandmate Harry Styles seem to be the subject of an emerging new narrative. For months, we have seen Tomlinson subjected to a whirlwind of negative publicity whilst Styles kept a low profile and was then linked with Kendall Jenner. As One Direction reached the end of their last tour, we saw the Sun release an article that claimed that Styles and Tomlinson despised each other. According to the report, Louis and Harry could not stand to be in the same room as each other, and Tomlinson was accused of being the primary cause of One Direction’s forthcoming hiatus.

Many fans of One Direction believe that the Sun timed the release of its bitter and controversial article to cause as much damage to Tomlinson and Styles as possible. Just last week One Direction fans celebrated the fact that Styles had sacked both Modest Management and One Direction’s PR company HJPR. Styles signed with his friend Jeff Azoff, and the Azoffs are known to be fierce advocates for their clients.

Within a week, we have seen the narrative around Styles and Tomlinson change. Louis has gone from “deadbeat dad” to “doting father” in a heartbeat. Harry’s supposed romance with Kendall Jenner has been reported as being over, and perhaps most importantly, Styles and Tomlinson are suddenly being portrayed as “brothers for life.”

Even the Sun’s Dan Wootton seems to be changing his narrative. In his infamous article, Wootton slammed One Direction fans who believe that Tomlinson and Styles are a couple; now suddenly he is claiming that it is sad that boy band members have to remain closeted.

“Ironically a group of 1D fans around the globe passionately believe in ‘Larry Stylinson’ — the idea that Louis and Harry are in a secret gay relationship.

“They claim that everyone from Cowell to the band’s management company Modest and publicists HJPR to journalists like me have been part of a giant cover-up of the romance.”

Of course, Wootton may not be referring to Tomlinson and Styles, but he does have close links to One Direction’s current management. Last week The Inquisitr laid out the web of relationships that allowed One Direction’s management team to manipulate the image of Louis, Harry and their bandmates.

With Styles’ change of management suddenly we see a change in the narrative in the gossip columns. According to Unreality TV Styles pal Ben Winston claims that stories about friction between Harry and Louis “are totally fabricated and definitely not true.”

In an interview with MTV, in which he chatted about the making of One Direction’s latest music video “History,” Ben explained that Tomlinson and Styles have always and will always be like “brothers.”

“I would say, from day one, they’re brothers. That’s what they are. And they’ve been that way since day one.”

“I’ve just never seen them to be anything but brothers. They have each other’s backs and that’s what they do. I mean, I don’t think you can accomplish what they’ve accomplished without understanding the common goal and then going and making it happen.”

Suddenly, it has become cool to mention Styles and Tomlinson in the same article again. Hollywood Life gushes that Harry thinks Louis is the world’s greatest father. Quoting their usual anonymous source, we are led to believe that Styles thinks Louis is an amazing dad.

“Harry is super impressed with how amazing Louis is as a dad. He thinks he’s a complete natural and has found his true calling — fatherhood.”

TMZ is also getting in on the act. Suddenly, we see them score exclusive after exclusive about Louis Tomlinson. Firstly we saw Louis’ “pap walk” when a TMZ cameraman was on hand to grab pictures of Louis wearing a hospital bracelet as he visited Sunglass Hut shortly after the arrival of Freddie Tomlinson.

Next up, TMZ were on hand again to photograph Tomlinson holding hands with rumored girlfriend Danielle Campbell as they celebrated her birthday. They even suggested that Louis and Danielle were out for a double celebration of her birthday and little Freddie’s arrival. After all, what woman wouldn’t want to celebrate the fact that her boyfriend just had a baby with another woman.

Earlier this week TMZ also broke the claim that Tomlinson would not be seeking a paternity test because his relationship with Briana Jungwirth was “so serious initially, he had zero doubt Briana was faithful.” Clearly it was about a serious as a 10-minute relationship can be.

Almost unbelievably, some outlets are claiming that Louis and Danielle holding hands in public is a sure sign that the couple are already engaged.

We do seem to be witnessing the emergence of a new narrative regarding Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, and many will believe that Jeff Azoff may be exerting his influence already. Many One Direction fans will be hoping that Tomlinson and the rest of One Direction will follow Styles to unite under the Azoff banner.

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