Blake Shelton Responds To Rumors About Gwen Stefani, His Album, And ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had fun flaunting their love when they first started dating, but the novelty of everyone being obsessed with their every move has seemingly worn off. Blake recently threw a mini Twitter tantrum over the numerous tall tabloid tales about his romance with Gwen, and he also gave the pesky paparazzi a piece of his mind.

As the New York Daily News reports, Blake Shelton began his Twitter rant by informing his fans that he’s tired of all the “bullcrap” being made up about his relationship with Gwen Stefani, his coaching job on The Voice, and his upcoming album.

“I’ve read more complete bullcrap about my personal life, my next album and my job on The Voice this week than ever before…EVER before!” Blake tweeted.

A few of the tabloid rumors Blake was referencing may include the OK! Magazine report that Gwen Stefani is pregnant with twins and planning a shotgun wedding with Blake Shelton. Last month, Blake responded to the fan photo below by tweeting that it’s “the funniest picture” he’s ever seen. Obviously, he doesn’t find the grocery store checkout line quite as amusing these days.

As far as Blake’s upcoming album is concerned, E! News recently suggested that Gwen and Blake are potentially working on a new song together. This rumor started making the rounds simply because they were spotted outside a recording studio together.

Blake Shelton has also had to put up with a number of rumors about his return to The Voice that don’t exactly paint him in a positive light. For example, Radar Online has alleged that Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Christina Aguilera are feuding because Gwen is being replaced by Christina on the upcoming season of The Voice.

Blake Shelton continued his Twitter rant by hinting that his life has become a bit more stressful since he divorced Miranda Lambert and started dating Gwen Stefani. In case you haven’t noticed, his romance with his Voice costar has turned him into a tabloid darling and a paparazzi magnet.

“If my life was half as chaotic as they say it is I’d be dead… My god I wish they’d move on to someone else!!! It’s so old at this point,” Blake tweeted.

One of Blake’s Twitter followers pointed out that he looked “cranky” in the series of paparazzi pictures that sparked the speculation that he and Gwen Stefani are recording a song together.

“Of course rumors started flying that you two were unhappy. It’s a no win,” the fan wrote.

Blake responded by explaining that he and Gwen were only grumpy because they were tired of being tailed by the paparazzi.

“I looked unhappy because there is always a herd of complete dip****s chasing us around taking pictures…” Blake tweeted.

Larry the Cable Guy saw Blake Shelton’s Twitter rant and decided to try to cheer his friend up with a little Git-r-done humor. Blake seemingly appreciated the comedian’s attempt to put a smile on his grumpy face.

Blake Shelton Twitter Tantrum
Larry the Cable Guy responded to Blake Shelton’s Twitter tantrum (Image via Blake Shelton/Twitter)

Even though Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani aren’t big fans of the paparazzi, they don’t mind posing for selfies with fans. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Gwen grabbed a fan’s phone and snapped the photo below herself when she and Blake visited a dollar store in Blake’s hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Unfortunately for Blake, the rumor mill is probably going to start churning out stories about pregnancies, weddings, and Voice feuds even faster in the coming weeks—Gwen and Blake are going to get even more media exposure as they promote their upcoming albums and appear on The Voice together. According to Us Weekly, Gwen Stefani is going to serve as a mentor for Blake Shelton’s team on the singing competition, and her appearance on the show will almost certainly provide fodder for more tabloid rumors.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Gwen has numerous gigs scheduled this month that will keep her in the spotlight, and Blake Shelton’s tour starts on February 18. Because he’ll have a microphone in front of his mouth so often in the coming weeks, he’ll likely say something that will get twisted into a scandalous story.

Do you think all the tabloid stories about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton might start to have a negative effect on their relationship?

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