Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, Twitter: Jenner Says More $29 Lip Kits By Kylie On The Way

If you know anything about the “Lip Kit by Kylie,” you know they are lip kits that are in high demand and have sold out seconds after they’ve gone on sale. That’s why when Kylie tells her Instagram and Twitter followers to check her Instagram page and the Twitter page of “LipKitbyKylie” on the morning of Friday, February 5, one listens if they want any hope of getting their hands on Kylie’s lip kits. At least for $29, and not the $645 that three lip kits by Kylie are selling for on eBay right now.

On the “Lip Kit by Kylie” Twitter page, a teasing tweet on February 4, was published. It informed the lip kits devotees to check Instagram “tomorrow morning,” which would be the morning of Friday, February 5. The “lipkitbykylie” verified Instagram account posted photos of the same Lip Kit By Kylie colors painted upon a forearm in order to give consumers a view of the colors.

On the Kylie Jenner Instagram account, Kylie wrote about being excited that she was holding all of the shades of her Lip Kit by Kylie in her hands. Jenner also teased with “stay tuned” hashtags that promised the shades were coming up “super soon.”

I’m so excited to hold all 6 of my shades! Left to right: Mary Jo, Koko, Posie, True Brown, Candy, Dolce#comingsupersoon #staytuned

Not only did the “lipkitbykylie” Instagram account introduce the world to the lip kit colors of candy, koko, posie, mary jo, dolce, and true brown — it included the hashtag #comingsupersoon. That means they’ll likely go on sale super soon.

The Instagram account, which points to in the description, has posted more than 165 photos and enjoys a whopping 1.3 million followers — so that’s a lot of folks chomping at the bit to get their lips on new Kylie colors, or any of the Jenner lip kits, for that matter. The now redirects to, a site registered via GoDaddy by UltraBrand. The UltraBrand CEO now has the famous Kylie and Kris Jenner as clients, and the fact that “Lip Kit by Kylie” has turned into a domain named “Kylie Cosmetics” bespeaks the notion that Kylie will have a lot more make-up than lip kits coming down the pike.

According to Us, Kylie named her Mary Jo lip kit color after Kylie’s grandmother. The Mary Jo Lip Kit color is for Mary Jo Shannon, who is featured now and again on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Mary Jo is often called “MJ” by her daughter Kris, and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Koko is the nickname of Khloe Kardashian, so Kylie apparently paid homage to her sister for that color as well.

The 18-year-old Kylie is finding overwhelming success with her lip kits, which represent the second caboodle of Lip Kit by Kylie offerings — including the bright crimson color. Going on sale likely prior to Valentine’s Day, the lip kits should swiftly sell out and begin appearing on eBay soon. Not only did Kylie add Mary Jo and Posie shades — but Jenner also added a creamier formula that shouldn’t dry out the lips as much as the original formula.

The first colors included pink shades, a caramel color, and a chocolate hue — and nearly broke the Internet in November 2015 as much as Kim Kardashian’s nude Paper spread.

Twitter is reacting to news of Kylie’s lip kits, with some accusing Jenner of using the same colors as ColourPop Cosmetics. According to Seventeen, Kylie set the record straight about those rumors.

“Hanging out with the owners at @colourpopcosmetics we don’t have the same formula or exact colors but they are my friends and they do have some bomb a** products that I love. Check them out???? #lipkitbykylie

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