Daniel Cosgrove Heads Back To ‘Days Of Our Lives’: What Is Known So Far About His Return?

Days of Our Lives fans know that there will be some key arrivals and departures in Salem over the next few months and news just broke regarding another big one. Daniel Cosgrove, whose character Aiden Jennings was killed off a few months ago, is heading back to the show. While DOOL is not sharing anything in the way of specifics at this point, confirmation of Cosgrove’s return certainly has fans buzzing.

Many DOOL fans are upset at the show’s decision to ultimately make Aiden evil and kill off the character as a vehicle to bring Peter Reckell back and kill off his long-running character of Bo Brady. Prior to Aiden’s evil shift, he and Hope had created a romance that many fans were enjoying. Aiden’s son Chase is living with Hope and he has been struggling quite a bit lately, so there is still a link in Salem for Aiden.

As Michael Fairman On Air, On Soaps details, the new issue of Soap Opera Digest teases Daniel Cosgrove’s Days of Our Lives return. Cosgrove is said to be on the DOOL set filming right now, and it is said that he will pop up on television screens late this spring.

The buzz about Cosgrove’s return started when fans saw sneak peeks of the new SOD cover and the “Jason47’s Days Website” Facebook page shared the initial talk about the big reveal. While the show is sharing this much news, that Cosgrove is returning, they don’t seem ready to detail much more yet.

Is Daniel Cosgrove playing Aiden Jennings again, and is Aiden going to be alive? Could he be showing up in Salem as a ghost, in a flashback, or as an entirely new character? How long will he be around? DOOL fans are buzzing about their theories, but so far nothing more specific has been revealed.

While Aiden certainly appeared to be dead after trying to kill Hope and battling it out with Bo, the DiMera family was involved in this evil plot and Days of Our Lives viewers know that means there could have been some funny business at play here. Some fans theorize that Andre could have engineered an Aiden lookalike to kill Hope, thus leaving the real Aiden out there somewhere, ripe for a return.

It is entirely possible that Cosgrove’s return will be simpler than that, with Aiden simply coming back as a hallucination, ghost or via a flashback for Chase or even perhaps for Hope. Andre has pieced together that Hope killed Stefano and he is intent on getting his revenge, and somehow incorporating Aiden into this in some fashion is a plausible twist.

Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that Andre will be trying to bring Chase under his wing in a sense, and DiMera will even be setting fire to Hope’s home. Could all of this drama continue over the course of the next few months to eventually incorporate Cosgrove in his return, or does the show have a different storyline in mind?

The show is already bringing back another fan-favorite actor this spring in what many suspect is a ghostly role, with Matthew Ashford returning for briefly to reprise his role as Jack Deveraux. Would the show really go with another hallucination or ghost twist with Cosgrove’s appearance too?

What do you think Days of Our Lives has planned with the return of Daniel Cosgrove? Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming storyline as the show makes more details available in the coming weeks.

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