Erica Dixon Quits ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Before Season 5 Filming, Claims Scrappy Still Owes Child Support

Erica Dixon won’t be back when Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta debuts in just a couple more months. Even though Scrappy is listed as one of the veterans returning to the VH1 hit reality show, he’ll have to rely on his own drama with his current women rather than relying on the child support and custody issues we saw him battle out with Erica on Season 4 of LHHATL. Erica doesn’t sound sad about leaving the reality show behind though, instead Erica told Wetpaint that she’s feeling at peace about her decision not to film the show.

When asked if she would be returning for the next season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Erica’s answer might upset some of her biggest fans. “No,” Dixon told Wetpaint, “You won’t see me on this season of Love & Hip Hop.” That doesn’t mean Erica Dixon is done talking about her ongoing child support and custody fight with Scrappy.

Erica recently visited Bossip for an interview on Don’t Be Scared. In her interview, Erica dished that Scrappy still owes her child support and she’s not done fighting for it either. There have been reports in the past that Erica has a restraining order against Scrappy. Erica confirmed that was true during the podcast.

When asked about the restraining order and the ongoing drama with Scrappy on social media regarding the legal requirement for the Atlanta rapper turned reality star to stay away from his ex, she said, “I wouldn’t be able to get the restraining order if I didn’t have proof [that he acts up]. The restraining order has nothing to do with my child, it only affects me.” Scrappy has complained in the past about Erica’s restraining order and how it keeps him from seeing his child.

Erica wasn’t holding back in the DBS interview. When asked about why Scrappy doesn’t just pay the back child support, Erica talked about why she thinks he’s holding back. “It was never about the money,” Erica claimed, “At one point I was like ‘get her clothes’ and he said, ‘no I’m not gonna get her clothes to be at your house. This is so petty! We have to do this together and I tried to get him to understand.”

Erica talked about Bambi and whether or not she had apologized to Erica for some of the beef between them. Erica claims that Bambi has never apologized and as a matter of fact, she even said she’s never met her either. The now-former LHHATL star did say that she dropped Scrappy after Bambi admitted she was messing around with him. According to Erica, it was when Bambi was a guest on Kandi Koated Nights that she bragged about being with a rapper that was engaged when Erica knew that Bambi was messing with her man. After that, Erica said she was done with Scrappy because she wasn’t about to share her with Bambi or anyone else.

Although she didn’t confirm it during the Bossip interview, it’s likely that the ongoing child support battle and restraining order issues may have played on her decision not to return to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It was just two weeks ago that Erica reportedly called out the LHHATL producers for editing in Scrappy’s favor and making her look bad during the child support battle.

On the other hand, Scrappy has some rumors of his own floating around cyberspace. The Atlanta rapper responded after rumors that he was facing eviction for failing to pay his rent. There were also claims that Scrappy was currently homeless. Scrappy responded with an Instagram post at the end of January claiming the story was bogus and that he had not been evicted.

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