‘The Division’ Beta Reveals The Last Man Battalion Faction — Hooded Level 30 Female Sniper Spotted

Tom Clancy’s The Division beta game by Ubisoft was played by many last weekend and later came an interesting Easter egg if you hang out long enough in The Dark Zone safe room, according to VG24/7. Gamers may be reminded of listening to old time radios in the abandoned buildings of the wasteland in Fallout 4. If you listen long enough, there is a back story given regarding The Last Man Battalion (LMB).

Warning: This video is not safe for work (NSFW). Contains video game violence and profanity.


The pirate radio broadcast cycles through the disasters, revealing the current state of Manhattan and a conversation about the other factions in The Division game such as the JTF, Rikers, and Cleaners. To decipher who’s who among these groups, the first one, Joint Task Force (JTF), is what’s left over after the virus infected the city. They are a compilation of first responders like the fire department, EMTs, police, and other disaster recovery involved organizations.

Then comes The Rikers who are inmates that have broken out of prison on Rikers Island. If one wants to get a comparison, just think when the villains broke out of Arkham Asylum. That being said, one can pretty much gather the pandemonium going on with that group, and of course, they are completely at odds with law enforcement and the like. This leads their opposition against the JTF, authorities, or any uniformed individuals.

The last Division faction that is known is the Cleaners who basically take on a “throw the baby out with the bath water” attitude by destroying everyone and everything and then starting anew. A cleansing of sorts. Sounds like quite the chaotic group.

The final one is the unannounced Last Man Battalion. A private military company (PMC) led by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss. The pirate broadcast stated that compared to the Joint Task Force, their weaponry is rather superior. The tri-state podcast further revealed the purpose of this kind of force are usually hired by the upper class for protection. So this looks to be a nice twist for The Division.

With this kind of financial backing, it would make sense that this group would have an edge against most in the Manhattan community.

The Division beta game play also revealed Rioter conversations in the field talking about this private military group and how they don’t even put you on trial. The hardware The Last Battalion utilizes is said to be “top of the line.” The following are excerpts of this in-game incident report via a Reddit user.

Rioter 1: What about over by the UN? Gotta be a lot of rich people there, diplomats, and foreigners. Gonna be easy pickings.

Rioter 2: Man, are you crazy? That place’s like the killing fields.

Rioter 1: What do you mean?

Rioter 2: Have you seen those guys over there? Bunch of bada** special forces types, with some serious hardware too. Top of the line, not that weak-a** JTF s**t.

Rioter 1: Huh.

Rioter 2: And don’t think they’re gonna give you a trial or nothing either. They’ll drop you soon as look at you. So no way, man. Anywhere but there.

So it appears The Division has spread around a lot of hints regarding The Last Man Battalion as quite the opposition.

That being said, it was revealed in the above video via a YouTuber, Arekkz Gaming, a single opposition in the guise of a hooded female soldier who was discovered at the far north end of The Dark Zone. This character did the player in rather quickly. It was a level 30 sniper who looked to be equipped with an Assassin’s Creed-like hooded outfit. Sounds like a nice nod to Ubisoft’s other well-known game. So it looks like The Last Man Battalion are experts in their craft and Division game players may need to optimize their class tree accordingly.

A closer look also revealed a skull on a red triangle. Could this be the MMO aspect to the game? A lot of these kind of games like World of Warcraft or Everquest have similar “red” indicators near the monster’s display name, indicating the level of difficulty of said creature. The Division player in question was a level 20, so a differential of 10 allowed for a nice one-shot kill by a LMB soldier.

Could the red triangle be such an indicator in The Division game? Of course, such an encounter seems reminiscent to other MMOs, right?

The Tom Clancy’s The Division game is slated to be released come March 8 for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

[AP Photo by Jae C. Hong]

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