Britney Spears And Jennifer Lopez Continue To Thrill Fans In Las Vegas: Sorry, Mariah Carey

Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez continue to be the Queens of Las Vegas. Both have been playing successful shows, although Jennifer Lopez has actually been getting better reviews.

Britney Spears has decided to change up her show and, from all the rehearsals, is showing a lot of bruises. The Daily Mail has the news.

“Britney Spears took to Instagram on Monday to announce she is in the middle of changing up her performance – and it is certainly taking a lot out of her. The 34-year-old posted a snap of banged up legs on social media to prove that she is hard at work creating something new for her fans.”

The Daily Mail adds that Ms. Spears’ show has been so popular that it has been extended for another two years. When Britney first arrived in Las Vegas at the very end of 2013, Rolling Stone said the show launched with mixed results.

“Viewed through a lens of diminished expectations (Britney’s bar for success was reset in 2007 after her well-publicized breakdown), Britney: Piece of Me is an entertaining tour through the 32-year-old star’s nearly 15-year recording career.”

The reviewer, Caryn Ganz, then said that compared to other pop stars such as Madonna and Beyoncé, Spears definitely displayed her weaknesses. Ganz said that there was no evidence that Spears sang a note during the show live. She believed the best part of the show was the performance of “Work B***h,” where Spears emerged from a metal cage suspended in the air. It’s obvious that repeated performances of the show has lead to some better reviews since.

However, it appears that Jennifer Lopez’s All I Have show is the one to beat. The show has unanimously received excellent reviews. Gerrick Kennedy from the Los Angeles Times is one of the critics who was thoroughly impressed with J.Lo’s performance.

“‘Vegas, there’s a new girl in town,’ Jennifer Lopez announced during a sold-out show at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater on Friday. Judging from the dazzling two-hour spectacle the multi-hyphenate entertainer has produced for her debut Vegas residency, Lopez’s proclamation felt more like a warning to the other pop divas that have mounted high-profile shows on the Strip.”

Jennfer Lopez Vegas
In Las Vegas, Jennfer Lopez is the one to beat. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]
Kennedy added that with all the razzle dazzle, Lopez easily outdoes all of her competitors with her show. Katy Atkinson from Billboard seemed to agree.

“The only question after seeing Jennifer Lopez’s All I Have residency in Las Vegas is: What took her so long?” Atkinson asked at the very beginning of the article.Atkinson noted that Jennifer Lopez’s show is very much like a walk through her life. Ms. Lopez brought out special guests Ja Rule and Ne-Yo and kept the crowd seduced for the entire evening. J-Lo is expected to play at the AXIS at Planet Hollywood until June. However, due to the success of the show, one can bet that it will probably be extended.

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez’s arch rival, probably isn’t too thrilled with Lopez’s success. Mariah Carey’s shows in Las Vegas haven’t been the failure that many thought they would be, but there have still been reports of some empty seats at various shows and the reviews have been, for the most part, mixed. Mariah Carey is scheduled to play through September, so she is obviously selling enough to make a profit. It’s hard to predict if Ms. Carey will extend her residency or not, especially given that she hasn’t experienced quite the success of Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez.

If you had a choice to see a superstar in Las Vegas, who would it be — Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, or Mariah Carey? Let us know in the comments section.

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