WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Has Backstage Heat With Vince McMahon

WWE rumors are suggesting that even though he has been with the company for less than a month, AJ Styles has managed to pick up some backstage heat already with Vince McMahon, something that could determine just how far up the ladder that he gets pushed, according to the Wrestling Observer. The situation is a very interesting one that will cause a lot of discussions within the internet wrestling community.

For the longest time, WWE fans had been yearning to see AJ Styles joining their favorite promotion. The amount of respect that he received for being one of the greatest performers in the world was incredible. Styles was one of the rare outside performers that WWE fans did not completely bash, which says a lot because World Wrestling Entertainment fans were quick to turn on Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle when they decided to take their talents to TNA.

AJ Styles never joined WWE for the longest time because of his loyalty to TNA. The former world heavyweight champion had been with the company since the very start, and he genuinely wanted to see the promotion grow and do well. Unfortunately for Styles, though, financial reasons prevented him and Dixie Carter from being able to sign a new contract that would see the Phenomenal One remain with Total Nonstop Action for the rest of his career.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon [Photo by WWE]
After a pretty impressive stint with New Japan Pro Wrestling, AJ Styles decided that it was time to come back home to the United States. After exploring his option, including an agreement to make his return to TNA, Styles decided that it was time to give WWE a chance. AJ finally agreed to the deal because Vince McMahon agreed to let him go straight to the main roster in World Wrestling Entertainment as opposed to making him do a stint in NXT first.

AJ Styles received a big reaction from the audience when he made his debut at the Royal Rumble. Fans were pleased to see that management was going to treat him properly by throwing him onto the main roster immediately and giving him a coveted spot in the main event. The internet wrestling community was quite concerned that Styles would be treated like other outside performers and used poorly by the front office.

The internet wrestling community might need to wait before they see AJ Styles getting that big push in WWE. Vince McMahon is said to be furious with him right now because he opted to sign a contract with a toy company before joining his promotion. Since he is using his trademarked name in World Wrestling Entertainment, that means that Figures Inc might be able to capitalize on the publicity that Styles is being given by WWE, which is something that McMahon absolutely hates to do.

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens [Photo by WWE]
Another reason why Vince McMahon is furious is because Figures Inc is the same company that signed Kevin Owens before he joined WWE. The company released a Kevin Steen — the name that he utilized while working as the main star in Ring of Honor — action figure right around the same time that WWE was giving Owens his big push by having him cleanly defeated by John Cena during his first feud on the main roster.

Vince McMahon has a reputation of not pushing performers due to backstage issues, so it will be very interesting to see how AJ Styles is utilized from here on out. As of right now, he’s scheduled to be put over by the Miz at Fastlane, but we need to see how he gets utilized at Wrestlemania and the following Monday Night Raw to know for sure just how bad the backstage heat on him is.

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