‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers Tease What’s Coming Next

Grey’s Anatomy fans have a week left until the return of the series to ABC, and there are new spoilers out now for not only the midseason premiere but also the episode that follows it. There is big drama ahead on the series for fans of this ABC series.

Meredith’s attack will be the focus of the drama for the foreseeable future it seems. Spoiler TV shared two sneak peeks for the next Grey’s Anatomy episode on Thursday, and Meredith is not in a good state after the attack. It isn’t clear if the silence in the short clip is being used for dramatic effect, or if Meredith is actually deaf following the attack.

Fans will need to tune in to find out the state of Meredith’s health following the attack next week. The clip does show Alex Karev making a huge stand when Richard tries to pull Maggie away from the room because she cannot treat her own family. Alex suddenly yells out that everyone in the room is Meredith’s family.

This group of doctors have become like family over the years. Alex and Meredith have been there since day one, and their relationship has grown.

The spoilers from ABC for the series do not give much more in the way of new information, but they do make it clear that Meredith will not have an easy time during “The Sound of Silence.”

“Meredith is brutally attacked by a patient, and Penny is the one who discovers her. The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial rush to stabilize Meredith and remain by her side in the harrowing aftermath.”

The midseason premiere of the series will not start off dramatically. Not for Meredith, anyway. Another clip for the episodes shows Alex, Maggie, and Meredith headed into work at the hospital, but they are stuck in traffic. Maggie and Meredith soon realize they are stopped because of an accident, and they immediately jump out of the car to investigate. Meredith even makes a bet about the cause of the accident. The clip ends with Alex following behind.

There is something that this clip reveals. Alex is staying at Meredith’s house in Amelia’s room. This means Amelia has moved out, and Alex and Jo are having issues. The big proposal ended the winter finale, and fans have been wondering if Alex and Jo are now engaged. The fact that Alex is staying at Meredith’s house is definitely not a good sign.

Spoiler TV also shared details and photos for Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 10 titled “All I Want Is You.” The aftermath of Meredith’s attack is still a focus of this episode, but it will also have Alex at odds with Callie and Amelia.

“As the hospital deals with Meredith’s trauma, Callie and Maggie perform a risky, experimental surgery on Alex’s 15-year-old patient against his professional opinion. Meanwhile, Owen and Nathan are still at odds with each other, and Maggie and Andrew’s relationship continues to develop.”

Meredith is not shown in any of the promotional photos for this episode, so there is no way to know what her state is during this episode. That information is seemingly being kept under wraps.

Fans will definitely need to tune in next Thursday night to find out what happens next with Meredith Grey and the rest of the staff of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Ellen Pompeo teased in an interview that it was some of the best work she had ever done. Denzel Washington directed the midseason premiere.

Grey’s Anatomy will return to ABC on February 11. Are you excited to see what happens next on this ABC series?

[Photo via ABC]