Tamra Judge Says Her Granddaughter’s Life Is Not In Danger

Tamra Judge has been keeping a low profile since The Real Housewives of Orange County ended last year, but plenty of things have been happening behind closed doors. While Tamra chose to talk about her custody battle with ex-husband Simon Barney on the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, there’s actually something else that’s been taking up her time. Her granddaughter, Ava, is apparently missing an organ, and this has caused some confusion in the press. According to a new Bravo report, Tamra Judge is now setting the record straight.

Apparently, Tamra’s granddaughter is missing a kidney. Judge went on The Doctors recently to explain what was doing on. Judge reveals that little baby Ava has one functioning kidney due to multicystic dysplastic kidney, but that it wasn’t a scary medical crisis and that her life isn’t in danger. Tamra explains that the doctors do require to a checkup every six months to test the functioning kidney so she doesn’t end up with no kidneys at all.

“My granddaughter is not having a health crisis as reported. Yes she has only one functioning kidney, she is healthy and happy despite what was reported today,” Tamra revealed on social media back in January, adding in a separate interview with Real Mr. Housewife that when they say “long term, they want to see her every six months with an ultrasound so they can make sure whatever caused the left kidney to disintegrate doesn’t happen to the right kidney.”

But when Tamra Judge went on The Doctors, she decided to handle the situation with some humor. Rather than play up the story that her granddaughter was suffering from something outrageous and dangerous, Tamra decided to add aliens to the story.

“I’m here to set the record straight: it was taken by aliens, the kidney,” she joked on the talk show with Sarah by her side.

The women also confirmed that one kidney is “functioning perfectly and compensating for the other.” Sarah also noted that the baby is doing “amazing.”

The story that Tamra Judge’s granddaughter was in danger was something that was originally published back in January by Radar Online. The website had asked doctors for their advice, and they were puzzled by the missing kidney. But Tamra doesn’t have all of the answers, which is why she needs to take Ava to the doctors every six months. Sarah Rodriguez, Ava’s mother, revealed that Ava had two kidneys, but by the time she was born, one of them had disappeared.

According to Radar Online, Dr. F. Perry Wilson guesses that a kidney may not have been there at all. Wilson, a nephrologist and assistant professor of nephrology at Yale School of Medicine, reveals that this particular condition is very rare, and Wilson hints that it is possible that the kidney just wasn’t there during the ultrasound and someone saw it wrong.

“Documentation of two kidneys with one going away is super super super unusual,” he told Radar Online, adding, “It’s not easy to get great pictures when the kid is in the uterus. Often times, maybe you think you see a kidney and then when the baby is born, you can get a much better picture and you see that there’s not a kidney there. So that’s probably the most likely explanation. Kidneys don’t really disappear without a trace, except in extraordinarily rare circumstances.”

Either way, it sounds like Tamra Judge doesn’t take the situation too seriously, at least not as serious as Radar Online. As long as Ava is happy and healthy, Tamra is happy.

What do you think of Tamra Judge joking about her granddaughter’s medical condition?

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