Is Katie Rost Pushing Too Hard For Engagement On ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’?

Katie Rost has a very specific storyline on The Real Housewives of Potomac — she wants to get engaged to her boyfriend, Andrew. And viewers of the show are not questioning this storyline, as she brings up the lack of a ring in every scene. Katie even questioned his lack of commitment in front of a group of people at the Washingtonian Magazine event on Sunday’s episode. According to a new Bravo report, Katie Rost didn’t get the memo that guys don’t like to be hassled into an engagement. But now, she’s defending her actions.

“Andrew is a bullsh**ter. I am not thirsty, though I did seem to be enjoying my wine. Hey, I expect the best and I let my values be known. I will not lower my standards. I believe in marriage. My grandma had a great saying that sums it up… P**s or get off the pot!” Rost revels in her blog for the show, revealing that she is still very eager to get engaged.

Even though Rost may have looked at Andrew for an answer about his dedication, the purpose of the event was to network. Katie had put on her big girl panties and network. And it sounds like she walked away with some valuable connections, according to her Bravo blog.

“Andrew and I made some great connections at the Washingtonian Magazine event and when I do events this year I know I can count on some heavy hitters to have my back. To socialize with an agenda you have to have a pitch and purpose. I went in knowing who I needed to target. You are only as strong as the network that believes in you and supports you. Your net worth is determined by your network,” Katie Rost points out after making some great connections at the magazine event.

Katie and Andrew filmed the scenes months ago. And Andrew admitted that if she hadn’t been so pushy about wanting an engagement, it would have happened already. So, has it happened yet? It doesn’t look like it. As Bustle points out, Katie Rost hasn’t posted anything about an engagement on social media. And since she’s so vocal about not being engaged, one can imagine that she would be very vocal when she does get a ring. In other words, don’t expect a proposal on this season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Rost’s co-stars may be shocked to see how much she actually pushes her boyfriend to pop the question to her. Some viewers feel that it is a bit too much, while others encourage her to push him and make sure that he knows what she wants. Katie didn’t end up attending Ashley Darby’s whiskey tasting events, as she wanted to focus on her priorities. And apparently, those priorities didn’t include hanging out with her co-stars.

“I had to keep my priorities straight. And though the whiskey tasting looked like a blast and I was impressed with the ladies ability to knock em back with Ashley… I can’t handle hard liquor at all, so I probably avoided a mean hangover by skipping the whiskey and staying on purpose to socialize to grow my network for the Rost Foundation,” Katie Rost points out, explaining why she didn’t attend Ashley Darby’s whiskey tasting.

One has to wonder how Andrew feels about being called out for not getting engaged. He seems like he wants to spend the rest of his life Rost, but he just wants to propose his way — when the time is right for him.

What do you think of Katie Rost’s pushing Andrew to pop the question?

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