Paulina Gretzky Is Hollywood’s New ‘It’ Girl, Says Online Poll

Paulina Gretzky may not be well-known in Hollywood yet, but according to a new poll, she will be soon. Thanks to a tremendously popular Twitter account, her legendary father Wayne Gretzky, and an upcoming role in Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2, she could soon be Hollywood’s new “It” girl., the internet’s “it” girl experts, recently conducted a poll to find out “who is Hollywood’s new ‘it’ Girl?” According to the poll, it’s none other than Paulina Gretzky.

Yahoo reports that only 7% of the respondents knew the 23-year-old beauty at the start of the poll. But after they saw some of her sexy twitter photos, they were convinced that she was posed for a Hollywood breakout. Ninety three percent of those polled said she would be the new “it” girl.

Shari Rock, Dirt’s spokesperson said:

“The people at Dirt really think Paulina is a master marketing genius in branding her name. She is so hot that she will probably make her dad’s friends wish they could date her!”

So is Paulina Gretzky the new “it” girl? Dirt’s new poll isn’t exactly scientific but that doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate. The 23-year-old definitely has a few things going her way these days.

The search term “Paulina Gretzky” has been trending on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for the last few days all because of a couple of Twitter photos she recently sent out. The 23-year-old also recently landed a role in Grown Ups 2. The extent of her role isn’t known yet. Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger are set to play Frat Boy Andy and Frat Boy Cooper, respectively, so it’s likely that Paulina plays “Hot Blonde In Bikini” or “Sorority Sister Stacie” in the new film.

But even if Gretzky’s role is a small one, she’ll still be able to get people talking with photos from the set like these.

“Grown Ups 2 break time @kimberlyalexishowe”

“Fun day on set w. @kimberlyalexishowe”

“Time To Go Be A Sorority Gurl”

Are you a fan of Paulina Gretzky? You can see more of her Twitter photos and Instagram photos here.

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